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Men's associations for equality ask to resignify March 19 as 'Egalitarian Father's Day'

   MADRID, 18 Mar.

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Men's associations for equality ask to resignify March 19 as 'Egalitarian Father's Day'


Around twenty men's associations for equality, in collaboration with the Platform for Equal and Non-Transferable Birth and Adoption Permits (PPiiNA), have requested, within the framework of 'Father's Day', which is celebrated this March 19, to demand its redefinition as 'Egalitarian Father's Day' against what they consider a "traditional patriarchal model and its commercial derivative".

Through a statement, collected by Europa Press, they have denounced "equal paternity does not exist if there is no co-responsibility in upbringing, understanding as such the autonomous care (not 'helper') of the child during the same time as the mother in weekly, monthly or yearly computation --according to each family-- up to the age of majority of the children".

"We know that the road to co-responsibility in parenting is marked by multiple pitfalls and traps of all kinds, personal and structural, deployed by the patriarchal system to prevent equality," the entities have pointed out, which gives as an example "traditional ideals of intensive maternity and distant paternity/provider" or "labor laws and work organization".

In their opinion, to achieve this co-responsibility it is urgent to "remove the structural and personal barriers that prevent it" and, for this reason, they demand that the State "correct" the law on birth permits so that it allows and facilitates "the successive use" of these beyond the simultaneity in the weeks of recovery from childbirth that each mother needs, so that the father can stay in charge of the child autonomously for the same time as the mother and thus extend care as much as possible of the baby at home during the first year of life.

They also call for a reduction in the working day to 35 hours or less, in a weekly computation of 5 days for all workers without loss of salary, so that fathers and mothers can attend to their daily care obligations without the mothers, "due to patriarchal social pressure", have to give up their vital and professional development.

But, in addition, from the associations they commit themselves on behalf of the men to enjoy the current 10 voluntary weeks of birth leave successively with the mother, if there is no veto from the employer to "autonomously care for the child for the same time as Mother"; to "facilitate her return to employment without diminishing her professional development and without concern for the child" and to "extend to the maximum the time of comprehensive care of the baby by her parents in her first year of life."

In the same way, they commit to a legal reduction in weekly hours worked and/or to the work arrangements that are necessary to care for the children after the first year onwards and to renounce any possibility of professional promotion that implies less availability for care. co-responsible, or implies professional regression or job abandonment by the mother.