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Malú celebrates her career in music with 'A todo si': "I haven't really enjoyed it in 25 years, but I didn't know it"

"Each of my albums has carried stories of great pain," he says in relation to 'Ausente', the only unreleased song on the album.

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Malú celebrates her career in music with 'A todo si': "I haven't really enjoyed it in 25 years, but I didn't know it"

"Each of my albums has carried stories of great pain," he says in relation to 'Ausente', the only unreleased song on the album.


Malú celebrates 25 years of recording career with 'A todo si' (Sony Music), an album in which she reinterprets her hits alongside great colleagues in the industry, an "inspiring and motivating" project in her career, one in which, has admitted, he had not enjoyed until now.

"In 25 years I really haven't enjoyed it, but I didn't know it. I thought I enjoyed what I did, but now I realize that wasn't the case because of that disgusting demand and that absolute control," explained Malú (Madrid, 1982 ) about his relationship with his career in an interview with Europa Press.

The artist has stated that she did not realize that "stress" prevented this enjoyment until she had to stop due to the torn ligaments she suffered in her ankle in 2019. "I was not aware that I had to stop, that I was tired "It was like a vicious circle of perfectionism," he said, to celebrate that he managed to get out of it.

"It is a new stage of my life that is represented in this project," the singer stressed in this regard, who thus links this stage with the album she presents, 'A todo si', which is one of her "most beautiful" projects. .

In this work he "celebrates music" with the help of colleagues such as Ana Mena, Melendi, Manuel Carrasco, Niña Pastori, Pablo Alborán, Luis Fonsi, Soléa, Pablo Lópex, Abraham Mateo, Vanesa Martín, Israel Fernández and DJ Nano, as well as Alejandro Sanz.

Although she considers all of them "essential", the artist has highlighted that singing 'Apprentice' alongside the last one was important because "it closed a circle." And with that song, written by Sanz, the Madrid native burst into the industry. "It was perhaps something more spiritual, I really wanted to share it with him," she said about it.

To everyone who has participated in the album, Malú has thanked their willingness, which has led to an experience in which each one has chosen the song, "who to work on it with, how to feel it and how to arrange it." "That has made the project between both of us and it has been very nice," she applauded.

Asked if any colleagues were missing in this work, she revealed that there are some who could not be there and she acknowledged that she would like to collaborate with Rosalía on future projects. In relation to the Catalan artist, she has also emphasized that she belongs to a "generation of women who arrive stomping."

"They arrive making it clear who we are, what we are worth, regardless of whether we like it more or less. There is no doubt that they are marking a generation of female power that I find fascinating and all of them inspire me in an incredible way," she added.

In this context, questioned by the trend of songs in which artists talk about their personal lives openly, as Shakira did in her session with Bizarrap, and in relation to 'Ausente', a heartbreak song written for her by Pablo Alborán and unique unreleased solo song that is included in 'A todo si', Malú has defended that she has been talking about her life in her music "for many years."

"Each of my albums has carried stories of great pain, stories of joy, stories of passion, stories of absolute heartbreak, stories of leave me alone because I'm going to burn absolutely everything I have of yours. I've been doing that for 25 years," he said. indicated.

Along these lines, he explained that he has known how to "find the balance." "I know how to lift my head and move forward," she said, to reflect that now "certain circumstances" make her stop and "listen to certain lyrics more." "But if we go back a little, you will realize that probably your story or that of your neighbor is reflected in one of my albums," she stated.

"If we don't tell our life, if we don't tell our experience, what do we tell?" he also questioned, to defend that today artists have to tell "who they are", also in relation to their mental situation. In his opinion, talking about mental health is "fundamental", as well as reality and diversity, for example in relation to women.

"I think that we have always moved within certain canons and now we are seeing self-confident women, with all types of bodies. I think it is essential that we also see all the types of birth that there are, not only the wonderful one, but also the horrible birth in which you become the ugliest on the planet. And it's also good when you don't feel well, to tell your neighbor: don't worry, I'm bad too. It's healing," she detailed.

On the other hand, the artist has pointed to the "evolution" of the music industry against machismo, but has warned that "there is a lot to do" because it has a "brutal root" in all sectors and "it is outrageous." in this industry.

"I have experienced machismo from the very beginning. But also like hell," she criticized, to regret that "women in music were not given credibility." "We gave it to them with nuances and with an expiration date... There were very few of us chosen who could leave and continue with a lot of effort," she recalled.

However, he warned that those who maintained their careers had to be "careful" until they achieved that credibility. "You were the daughter, the niece, the friend, the neighbor, ... Or (they told you that) you were there because you have done or stopped doing, never because you were the host," she has censored.

Thus, despite this evolution, he has warned that currently there are still men in the industry who "do really stupid things and are still there." "We have a strong sexist roots that will take us a long time to get out of there. It is the work of generations and I believe that this generation that is entering is a little more empowered," he concluded.

To celebrate its 25 years, after the release of this album this Friday, December 8, Malú will prepare a tour that will start next February and will feature 20 "unique" concerts. With the dates yet to be revealed, the artist has indicated that these appointments will be in a reduced format to be able to "sing and feel": "Another formula, not the stress format, but the enjoyment format."