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Luis Planas affirms that the PSOE candidacies in Torrox and Nerja represent "the illusion for the future"


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Luis Planas affirms that the PSOE candidacies in Torrox and Nerja represent "the illusion for the future"


The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, has highlighted that the socialist candidacies led by Mari Nieves Ramírez in Torrox (Málaga) and by Patricia Gutiérrez in the municipality of Nerja for the upcoming municipal elections represent "the illusion for the future".

Planas has participated this Sunday in the presentation of the socialist candidacy of Nerja and Maro for May 28 and has assured that this list "will make Patricia Gutiérrez the next mayor because she has a commitment to her city, which is why that we socialists fight for".

Along with the general secretary of the PSOE in Malaga, Daniel Pérez, the minister assessed that Gutiérrez "has a project, a change of scenery is needed and an opening to the future, being aware that Nerja has managed to maintain its essence." "It is the illusion for the future", he has assured.

He has also appealed to the commitment of the Government of Pedro Sánchez for the so-called fifth pillar of the welfare state, housing; "We want a more prosperous society, with more public services, it is our clear sign for the future and for young people, especially because of the difficulties they have in accessing a house," he warned.

For Planas, "a well-functioning society begins with well-functioning town halls and that is going to happen in Nerja with Patricia Gutiérrez as mayoress." "We do not mess with anyone, we manage, we solve the problems of the citizens, we do not create new problems for them. We fulfill what we promise. On May 28 the PSOE comes out to win in Nerja, in Malaga and in the whole of Spain, with a future ", it is finished.

For his part, Pérez stressed that Patricia Gutiérrez will be the next mayoress of Nerja and Maro "because she has a strong group, because she has always put the interests of citizens before her own, because she has shown that she belongs to the people and knows exactly what the citizens feel, and all that affection they have for it will be reinforced in the municipal elections".

The Provincial Secretary for Education recalled that the PSOE, which will celebrate its 144th anniversary on May 2, "is essential for this country, Pedro Sánchez's policies are aimed at those who need it most, as Patricia in Nerja or I will as the future mayor of Malaga".

"Because Patricia has known how to place the housing problem where it belongs, the residents of Nerja and Maro want to live here, that there are public housing opportunities, and it is essential that the Spanish government has passed a law to address this problem and to bet on the VPO", he added.

In this sense, he has also pointed out that "we are the country that has best emerged from the crisis in the EU, this government has been there to show its face, that is why I am convinced that we are going to win the next municipal elections and we will do it with Patricia in Nerja, together with a group of men and women who represent Nerja and Maro. I feel very proud of the step you have taken to represent the PSOE, that is why we are going to win", he concluded.

Finally, Gutiérrez thanked the associative and social fabric of the municipality for the support of his candidacy since, without them, "it will not make sense," he acknowledged. "That is why it will have our meaning in the day to day of a candidacy that represents the generational and political change in Nerja and Maro, with brave men and women, who want to be the present and the future of our people's politics." He has said.

For Gutiérrez, "it is an honor to present myself as a candidate for mayor; we are a united and loyal group to work for the interests of our municipality," he said. "With effort, perseverance and enthusiasm, we are honest and hard-working people, prepared and trained. That is why I have no doubt that we are the best candidate in Nerja and that we will win the next municipal elections", she emphasized.

"We are prepared to govern, to work for our children and for our elders. We are a new generation with the desire to transform Nerja and Maro when we see that the PP agenda is disconnected from youth, the blue economy or sustainable mobility. has shown a lot of distance, that's why we face this project so that there is an active and participatory town hall", he added.

"We have a realistic and viable program. With excellent tourism that breaks seasonality, that the town has life throughout the year. We are the force that will enter the government, that will not leave any corner unattended", he concluded.

Previously, Planas had visited the neighboring municipality of Torrox, where he told journalists, along with members of the PSOE list, that the upcoming municipal elections on May 28 are "very important for Torrox, for Andalusia, for Spain ". "And we are excited about the future", he added.

"It is a moment to defend what we think, a more modern and more advanced, more open Torrox", he assured, while defending the management of the Government of Pedro Sánchez which, as he has pointed out, "also in Torrox it can be positive for all citizens."

For her part, Mari Nieves Ramírez stressed that support for the municipality's farmers and the management of water resources "is one of the priorities of our electoral program, especially after the criticism that there is for the use that is being made by part of this government team in relation to other administrations such as the Junta de Andalucía, which are competent in the matter".

"The PSOE presents itself with an ambitious and renewed project with fundamental axes such as sustainability and carrying out all the steps so that the resources reach the municipality and the region, we support our farmers", he stressed, pointing out that they want to "continue expanding our program on agriculture.