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Luis Enrique: "Praise weakens and we are not going to fall for it"

The coach highlighted the role of some of his players such as Rodri Hernández, Marco Asensio or the rookie Alejandro Balde.

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Luis Enrique: "Praise weakens and we are not going to fall for it"

The coach highlighted the role of some of his players such as Rodri Hernández, Marco Asensio or the rookie Alejandro Balde


The national coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, was very "happy" for his team's victory (7-0) this Wednesday against Costa Rica, while acknowledging that, despite the euphoria of the moment, he does not want to fall into "compliments", so he is already thinking about the game against Germany next Sunday.

"We are the first to start training tomorrow to prepare for the game in Germany. Praise weakens, we know it, and we are not going to fall for it. The idea is to always play like this, but we are not going to always win by a landslide. Anyone who understands football sees that we are a complicated rival", said the coach in statements to TVE, collected by Europa Press.

Even so, the coach did not want to put a hit on his team, in what was the biggest win in the history of the team in a World Cup. "I'm very happy. When things turn out, football becomes a wonderful sport, we were in control of the game at all times, which was the objective, against a tough rival that we knew was going to cause problems. But we were exceptional in handling the game. ball. With the same idea that accompanies the team for years. The game doesn't end until the referee whistles," he said.

"The only objective in this game as in the ones to come was to dominate the game, for that you have to have the ball. Structure ourselves so that the rival gets bored and finds little space to participate. We were exceptional in possession of the ball, in pressing It is important that a team is compensated. The 16 that participated were superb. But we still have room for improvement", he stated.

Regarding proper names, the Asturian highlighted the role of Rodrigo Hernández as center back, a novelty in the eleven against Costa Rica. "We understand that he meets all the conditions that a central defender may have and is a top-level pivot. A complete and versatile player. If we can include him with those physical and technical characteristics, it's very good for us. In the end, I'm lucky to have so many players who can participate," he said.

Luis Enrique did not give any clues as to whether this eleven will be chosen for the rest of the World Cup matches. "I'm not one to repeat, but I don't give clues. I don't know who is going to play. If we achieve our goal, which is to play seven games, we will do it counting on everyone, not eleven. Surely we won't repeat, I think I've never repeated an eleven", assured.

Aware of the great squad he has, and with the game already resolved, the coach brought on five players after the break, among which the debut of Alejandro Balde stood out. "The perfect circumstances have arisen, we have to take care of Jordi who has been superb and has been applauded, I'm happy for him. Like Busi, who is wonderful. The players want to feel loved. And it has been the moment for Balde, with half talk because we have not been able to give a lot of information, but it is an airplane and it has taken advantage of its minutes", recognized.

Lastly, the coach also had words of appreciation for Marco Asensio, scorer of the second goal. "He is spectacular. You only see the beginning of the training sessions but he is at a full level of confidence, today he was extraordinary in the continuity of the game and in the shot", he concluded.