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Álex Rins: "I have the challenge of putting Honda back on top"

MADRID, 3 Feb.

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Álex Rins: "I have the challenge of putting Honda back on top"


The Spanish MotoGP rider Álex Rins has assured that he hopes to "put Honda back on top" in the next season of the Motorcycle World Championship, in addition to acknowledging that he will have to adapt "to a different driving style" and help create "a motorcycle competitive".

"I see this season as a great challenge. I have the challenge of putting Honda back on top, of developing the bike, of adapting to a new team... It's a season to grow in every way," he said in an interview. to present 'Ride for Real', his eighth collection for Hawkers, a limited edition that this year includes snow goggles.

In addition, he stated that "changes are good" because they help him "to improve" and to put himself "in situations outside of your comfort zone." "The truth is that in LCR everything is different, from the bike itself to the configuration of the box and where the technicians are, something that I have asked to change so that communication flows better and we can work better," he said.

On the other hand, he considers that "it is early" to say if he will be able to win with his new motorcycle. "We have a lot of testing sessions to go and I'm sure there will be big changes now that Ken, who I shared the pit with at Suzuki, is also part of HRC," he said. "There are no nerves, but I really want the season to start and be on the bike, and that's how I tell Lucio every time we talk on WhatsApp," he added.

He was also happy with the fact that Marc Márquez can start the season at 100%. "MotoGP must have the best riders on the track, but it's also key for Honda if we want to make a competitive bike again. I hope that with your comments, Joan's and mine, we can achieve it, so it's great that he's recovered." , he affirmed about the one from Cervera.

"I don't want to talk about rivals. Before looking out, I think we have to look at ourselves, make a competitive bike and adapt to a different riding style than what we were used to," continued the Catalan rider.

Regarding the preseason, Rins acknowledged that it is being "very intense", with several double training sessions in the gym and constant outings to train on a motorcycle. "Still, our method remains the same as in previous seasons except for food, as I will soon be a year old vegetarian," she explained.

In a different order of things, he confessed that it will be "very rare" not to start the course with Suzuki and meet old colleagues "dressed in the colors of other teams." "The six years at Suzuki have been very intense and we have been like a big family, but now it's time to look ahead and give everything to this new project," he said.

Before starting the course, Rins presents the Hawkers 'Ride for Real' eyewear collection, which pays homage to the colors of LCR Honda, his new team. "It's been like redesigning my first collection. This is a very important year for me. I'm in Honda LCR, a team I've always dreamed of being in, and I wanted to reflect that in the collection, taking inspiration from Honda's colours" , revealed.

Those colors can be seen in the 'One Raw Carbon' sunglasses, a model with a black carbon fiber frame and ruby ​​tinted polarized lenses. For its part, the 'Warwick Raw' is an urban sunglasses with a matte black frame and geometric lenses, while the big novelty are the 'Artik Big Black' snow goggles, with a minimalist black frame and a fastening strap with red, white and black stripes and the Rins logo.

"It's amazing to be able to launch a pair of glasses to practice one of my passions, which is mountain sports. We've been with Hawkers since Moto2 and it's always been a lot of fun designing the collection, but this time it's been quite an experience getting involved from scratch in the choice of frame, lenses, strap... I am very proud of the end result and I hope you enjoy it", he concluded.

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