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Koldo García assures that the PSOE has been "cruel" to Ábalos and that asking him to resign "has been a mistake"

MADRID, 11 Mar.

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Koldo García assures that the PSOE has been "cruel" to Ábalos and that asking him to resign "has been a mistake"


The former advisor of former minister José Luis Ábalos, Koldo García, has assured that the PSOE has been "cruel" towards his former boss in the Ministry of Transport and who is now a deputy of the Mixed Group, stressing that asking him to resign from his duties in Congress "has been a mistake" because "it does not deserve it."

"It would be unfair, I think they are even being cruel to him," said García in an interview in OK Diario, reported by Europa Press, when questioned about the reaction of the PSOE against Ábalos after learning of his alleged involvement in a case. of corruption of whom he was his advisor when he was part of the Government.

In his opinion, Ábalos is a person who "has given everything, not for himself, but for Spain", and who has been "a faithful public servant" and "one of the best politicians" the country has. Likewise, he has highlighted the former minister's "his willingness to solve problems, to help people", while he has maintained that questioning "his beliefs and his ideologies" seems to him "not cruel, but rather the following" .

"I think that the people who should have helped him in difficult situations, well, they have not been up to the task," continued Ábalos' former advisor, investigated for the alleged collection of illegal commissions in contracts for the sale of masks during the pandemic, within the so-called 'Koldo case'.

On the other hand, García has defended his innocence and has assured that he has done "absolutely nothing", adding that it is likely that he has made "many mistakes" that he regrets and that it is possible that he has harmed other people "unintentionally, occasionally".

"I have done absolutely nothing wrong, that I am aware of. Now the justice system will have to decide, so that they can make the decision they have to make," he stated, indicating that he is living in a "very complicated" situation because he sees that people from His surroundings do not contact him because they are "afraid" thanks to "media pressure."

"Because if you have coffee with me, the next day they will take a photo and they can fire you. They can take away the job with which you support your family. I understand the situation of all those who spoke to me and who at this moment do not they talk," he continued.

After maintaining that "there is no blanket to throw away" and emphasizing that "no one has done anything irregular," García admitted that during the pandemic he called "many people" to buy masks through the company Soluciones de Gestión , without ruling out that it would also contact regional governments.

He did it to "provide material that was necessary for Spain." "I called a thousand people. Anyone who needed something, I tried to help them (...) the situation was chaotic, everyone asked for material, thousands of people called me," he added, clarifying that he told them "here You have one that brought me this" that "seems to work and is fine", in reference to Management Solutions.