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Khamenei: "Even the presence of an American in Iraq is too much"

MADRID, 30 Abr.

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Khamenei: "Even the presence of an American in Iraq is too much"


"The Americans are not friends with anyone and they are not even loyal to their European friends. Even the presence of an American in Iraq is too much," Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared this Saturday during their meeting in Tehran, the Iranian capital, with the Iraqi president, Abdul Latif Rashid.

In addition, the ayatollah has accused "the enemies" of trying to undermine relations between Iran and Iraq on several occasions, and that they have not occurred due to "strong historical and religious ties", according to statements collected on the official website of the supreme leader. Iranian ''.

Khamenei has also stressed that "Iraq's progress, prosperity, independence and elevation" are of great importance to Iran, and that they will expand bilateral relations and agreements.

Rashid, who has led a high-level delegation that includes the Foreign, Water and Electricity Ministers and the National Security Adviser, arrived in Iran on Saturday for his first visit since taking office to discuss the management of the water resources between the two countries in the midst of water scarcity that affects several Iraqi regions, partly due to the water management model in Iran.

It should be remembered that Iraqi environmental experts accuse the Islamic Republic of artificially diverting various tributaries of the rivers that end up crossing Iraq, which has caused very serious shortage problems, especially in the south of the country.