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JUPOL denounces "illegal orders" from the Government to prevent its protests during rallies of PSOE leaders

MADRID, 25 May.

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JUPOL denounces "illegal orders" from the Government to prevent its protests during rallies of PSOE leaders


The JUPOL union has denounced being the victim of "illegal orders" from the "Government of Spain" to prevent their protests from taking place at rallies of PSOE leaders during the campaign for the municipal and regional elections of 28-M, among them several led by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

In a statement, the majority union in the National Police Council - a body that will be renewed through elections on June 28 - has denounced what they consider a "strategy of coercion and threats that is being carried out by of the Government of Spain".

For this reason, it has announced that before the "reiteration of these presumed crimes", the union is preparing a lawsuit against "all those responsible for issuing these illegal orders, as well as against the executors of the same".

Specifically, it speaks of "illegal identification of JUPOL members who participate in the peaceful rallies that have been taking place during the electoral campaign."

According to what they say, these identifications "have been taking place in the electoral acts of the Socialist Party, in which the Government is systematically ordering the police devices to identify the members of the JUPOL union who are concentrated in them to demand the Real Salary Equalization" .

These are alleged orders that, according to the general secretary of JUPOL, Aarón Rivero, "are illegal and directly violate freedom of association and the fundamental right of citizens to demonstrate."

Rivero has pointed out that this "illegal identification of the JUPOL protesters" has been carried out at the rallies held last Saturday, May 20 in Soria, which was attended by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and also in the visit of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on Monday, May 22 to Santander.

Among the examples, they cite an act held this May 24 in Gijón in which Pedro Sánchez attended, "and in which the union representatives were not even allowed to display the banner requesting the Royal Equalization of the National Police and Guard Civil with the autonomous police".

JUPOL mentions other rallies in Santander and, in the case of Soria last Saturday, cites as responsible the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones, for being the one who -they say- "ordered the public order forces to illegally identify JUPOL protesters".

For the union it is "a clear attempt by the government to coerce the demonstrators to prevent the campaigning and propaganda acts of members of the government from becoming ugly." "A situation that curiously is not repeated in the demonstrations that JUPOL is carrying out in the same way in campaign events of other political parties," they maintain.

Finally, the general secretary of JUPOL has indicated that in "all" the PSOE acts in which the JUPOL union has protested, "a member of the security team of the President of the Government insistently takes photos of all the protesters ".