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JUPOL criticizes Cerdán's meeting with the "fugitive" Puigdemont and the Interior for "censoring" those who reject the amnesty

The JUCIL association still has no notification of the legal actions announced by the Ministry after denouncing Sánchez's "felony".

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JUPOL criticizes Cerdán's meeting with the "fugitive" Puigdemont and the Interior for "censoring" those who reject the amnesty

The JUCIL association still has no notification of the legal actions announced by the Ministry after denouncing Sánchez's "felony"


The National Police union JUPOL has criticized the meeting in Brussels this Monday between the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdán, and the "fugitive" Carles Puigdemont, ironically warning that they will omit their opinion on the subject because the Ministry of the Interior that led by Fernando Grande-Marlaska "will try to censor" those who criticize the amnesty demanded by the pro-independence parties as a condition to support the inauguration of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

"We remember, in case anyone misses it, that Mr. Puigdemont is currently on the run from justice for having 'allegedly' committed very serious crimes. We will not provide any opinion, since otherwise the Interior will try to censor us," JUPOL said online. social X --formerly Twitter-- followed by the label "Amnesty no."

JUPOL made this comment coinciding with the meeting between the 'number three' of the PSOE and Puigdemont in the Junts offices of the European Parliament, sitting in a room with a photo of the vote in the illegal referendum called on October 1, 2017.

The meeting in Brussels, framed in the round of contacts prior to Sánchez's investiture, was held one day after the Ministry of the Interior announced that the Civil Guard is studying legal actions against JUCIL, the majority association, for describing it as a "felony" Sánchez will support the amnesty on behalf of Spain before the Federal Committee of the PSOE.

This Tuesday, 48 hours after the Interior announcement, JUCIL still had no official notification of the procedure opened by the Ministry of Grande-Marlaska. "We are waiting for events," said the general secretary of the association, Ernesto Vilariño.

JUCIL is the majority association in the Civil Guard, 'sister' of JUPOL in the Police, and both organizations emerged from the Jusapol platform, which brings together agents from both bodies and demands a "real salary equalization" with the regional and local police forces, seeing as insufficient the more than 800 million euros of the agreement signed by the PP Government and later executed by the current PSOE Government.

Interior sources reported on Sunday afternoon that the legal services of the Civil Guard were considering taking legal and disciplinary action against JUCIL for "breaching the principle of political neutrality."

Specifically, the association published a video of the general secretary of the PSOE and acting president of the Government in the Federal Committee of the PSOE defending the amnesty law, something that JUCIL criticized, ensuring that the "personal interest of an individual is placed above the freedom of the Spanish people".

"For some time now, they have been calling for responsibility for believing themselves to be some kind of political actors, confusing the legitimate purposes of their activity and corrupting the values ​​of the Civil Guard," these sources added in reference to "certain associations" of the Armed Institute.

Previously, the majority of Civil Guard organizations but also Police unions had expressed their rejection of the proposal of the vice president of the Government and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, to include the police officers prosecuted by the device in the 1-O in the amnesty law, which they reject outright. They understand that they cannot be equated with those who broke the law by supporting the independence 'procés' in 2017.

The documentation now being studied by the Civil Guard includes fifteen tweets in which JUCIL, as Interior sources have added, since in addition to censuring the "felony" of the amnesty, the association has also questioned the pacts with EH Bildu, the immigration policy or the decision to maintain the anti-terrorist alert level at 4, instead of raising it to 5.

From the social media accounts of JUCIL Vizcaya, Álava, Huelva or Córdoba, this majority association in the Civil Guard Council has defended that "Bildu is ETA" and has urged its illegalization, appealing to "politicians with guts" and the memory of the civil guards murdered by the terrorist organization.

They have also questioned Interior decisions such as maintaining the anti-terrorist alert level at 4 in a context of escalating war due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. "Marlaska refuses to raise the anti-terrorist alert because Podemos does not want soldiers on the street," JUCIL wrote in another comment on social networks.

Another of the issues criticized by JUCIL, and analyzed for breaking the neutrality of the Armed Institute, is the transfer to the Peninsula of migrants who arrived in cayucos to the Canary Islands, which according to their complaint is done in "clandestine buses" and "without knowing whether They are terrorists."

In a statement, JUCIL reacted to the study of legal actions by accusing the Ministry of the Interior of seeking "blind obedience." "They want to accuse us of lack of political neutrality, they have tried it on more occasions (...) it bothers them that we civil guards think," said this organization, which accused the general director of the Civil Guard, Leonardo Marcos, of giving "a "one more step" in their attempt to "frighten and impede freedom of expression.

In this context, both JUPOL and JUCIL will reactivate on November 6 the calendar of protests in front of the Ministry of the Interior to demand a dignified retirement and an increase in allowances, as well as salary equalization. The protest is supported by other organizations such as CEP and AEGC, as well as Jusapol, and is open to more unions and associations of the Police and Civil Guard.