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JJpD asks the Government to make a "significant effort" to maintain the judicial public service

MADRID, 29 Abr.

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JJpD asks the Government to make a "significant effort" to maintain the judicial public service


The member of the Secretariat of Judges for Democracy (JJpD), Edmundo Rodríguez Achútegui, has demanded that the Government make a "significant effort" to maintain a public service provided by the administration of justice, as the organization has sent this Saturday in a note press.

Given the call for a strike, Rodríguez stated that "the deterioration suffered by the judicial public service must be faced with greater investment and with the expansion of the judicial staff and the number of people who serve in the judiciary and prosecutor's office," among other issues.

In this sense, the member of JJpD has reiterated that "a set of measures is necessary to maintain society's confidence in the Judiciary, aimed at meeting the demands of citizens quickly and with quality, and not in the precarious situation in which it is done now".

For this reason, Rodríguez has highlighted that a commitment from the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and the Ministry of Justice and Finance would perhaps avoid "the enormous damage that the call for a strike in the judiciary can cause."

"It is time for responsibility, to ensure the defense of a strong Judiciary and an administration of justice that is a public service that guarantees public rights and liberties," said the member of the JJpD Secretariat.

Additionally, it has indicated that "the remuneration update is one more of the impulses that must be given to recognize the commitment and effort of the judiciary with the assignment of workloads that allow analyzing each matter in detail and the improvements in efficiency, pending materialize in the draft Law on Organizational and Procedural Efficiency".

For his part, the representative of JJpD has invited "public officials to tangibly specify their commitment to the administration of justice", for what would be a step in the right direction to show a "conciliatory and constructive" attitude at the meeting scheduled for May 3, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, which could avoid the consequences that a new strike would entail in the judicial sphere.