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Is Bitcoin a good investment?

The world has been going ga-ga over Bitcoin for upward of a decade. There’s no gainsaying that there's fire behind this smoke, something of substance

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Is Bitcoin a good investment?

The world has been going ga-ga over Bitcoin for upward of a decade. There’s no gainsaying that there's fire behind this smoke, something of substance. If there is more than meets the eye, it adds to the mystique. Moreover, the grudging acquiescence of regulatory authorities as regards possible approbation and official recognition eggs the fan base right on. Is Bitcoin a good investment this year? We believe so.

Bitcoin: Safe as houses!

Blockchain technology forms the backbone of bitcoin. The technology has proved to be quite ingenious and resilient. There have been only very rare breaches in the bitcoin network as ensconced in the blockchain system. Considering the security measures in place – BTC's are as safe as houses!

Miners add completed blocks of recorded transactions to the blockchain. The tech permits the validation of new blocks to be the purview of miners. Each miner mans his/her node and has a copy of the ledger. Only the technology governing blockchains make sure no alterations are made to the ledger in the absence of consensus among participants.

Bitcoin Arbitrage is profitable

Efficient blockchain data analysis is the next thing we can expect. This will take arbitrage opportunities to a whole new level. Monitoring tools that can be picked off the shelf will soon be in the offing. Data interpretation models are being developed.

The spreads occurring with arbitrage practices daily are such that there are quite handsome profits. To give you an inkling of how that goes – ten good spreads each day (when there’s a good difference between BTC prices on separate exchanges). You can rake in $ 1000 each week.

If the day trading scene is not very happening, you can employ the spatial arbitrage technique.

All you have to do is have access to multiple listings simultaneously. Arbitrage software can facilitate this. Once your trading bot is programmed for the exchanges, you are quite set up for making arbitrage opportunities profitable.

Considering that bitcoin is expected to keep growing from strength to strength in the near future, it gives you even more cogent reason to invest your energies in trending bitcoin arbitrage opportunities.

Decentralisation is The Soul Of Bitcoin Trust

Miners and network nodes regulate the bitcoin network in the blockchain. In the BTC realm, you do not have to pray to a single authority. The system itself is the single source of Trust. In other words, the public nature of the ledger ensures that all participants share equally in the administration of the network. The source of regulation in bitcoin is both diffused and can be identified.

The spine of this decentralised authority of trust is deploying the Byzantine General Problem into the blockchain network that is the bitcoin community. The goal of essential algorithms is to ensure security through the reaching of maximal consensus.

· Lesser consensus is a problem that bitcoin consensus algorithms resolve round the clock.

· They do this by identifying bad eggs – potential trouble-makers, or those who are experiencing (however temporarily) problems with their ‘node(s)’.

· Just like an army facing a strong enemy does not tolerate treason among its leaders, the bitcoin network is guaranteed the strongest possible unity against the Great Unknown through maximal consensus.

Hence, the ledger is out of bounds for folk plotting malfeasance or the temporarily incapacitated nursing their less-than-optimal nodes.

Where to invest in Bitcoin?

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Safety and security, profitability, high trust gradient are important traits. These have become the hallmark of bitcoin over the last decade.

Crypto exchanges have facilitated the development of Bitcoin as a high-liquidity asset.

Blockchain tech makes inflation redundant. Bitcoin trading via crypto exchanges is not top-heavy - which is more than can be said of stock exchanges. Altogether, we believe this is the right time to invest in Bitcoin.