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Iberostar launches a campaign in which it appeals to the tranquility of choosing a sustainable vacation

With their stay, the client reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 6% and avoids 1.

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Iberostar launches a campaign in which it appeals to the tranquility of choosing a sustainable vacation

With their stay, the client reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 6% and avoids 1.9 kilos of single-use plastics


The Iberostar Hotels company

The campaign, which coincides with the celebration of World Oceans Day, which is celebrated today June 8, appeals to the feeling of tranquility for choosing a sustainable vacation at an Iberostar hotel, since with their stay the client reduces 6% of mediates CO2 emissions and avoids 1.9 kilos of single-use plastics.

Through a 'landing page' and a dissemination strategy on its own channels and social networks, the company is presenting this new campaign internationally in four languages ​​(Spanish, English, Portuguese and French), the company has reported.

The Brand Director of Grupo Iberostar, Cristina Salmerón, has affirmed that "consumers have the power of their decisions" and with this campaign the company wants to value what customers take with them when they choose Iberostar, since, she has assured, "they feel the complete tranquility that comes from enjoying the best vacations at the same time that they are helping to take care of the oceans."


The initiative values ​​a person's contribution to the environment when they stay at an Iberostar hotel calculated both in carbon footprint and waste reduction.

Thus, the 692 tons of single-use plastic that the Iberostar Group avoids each year since the company withdrew up to two million references from all its operations in its plastic reduction program in 2019, becoming the first hotel group to take this measure.

Similarly, a customer who stays at an Iberostar hotel contributes to an average reduction of 6% in carbon emissions, something that is possible thanks to the clean energy and 100% renewable electricity that Iberostar uses in some of its hotels in Spain.

It has also reduced its global energy consumption by 5.7% and has reduced 213 tons of food waste in the last year (equivalent to 533,000 meals), which has made it possible to avoid 916 tons of CO2 in 2022. In this way, Iberostar will achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, 20 years ahead of the global target set by the industry.


In order to improve the health of the ecosystems that surround its hotels by 2030, the company has a research laboratory made up of a scientific team in charge of studying and caring for the ecosystems that surround the hotels of the hotel company.

So far, the company has five coral nurseries, another three mangrove nurseries made up of more than 14,400 trees, and four coastal dune nurseries in Mexico, with 9,000 plants.

In addition, 78% of the fish consumed in Iberostar hotels globally is from a responsible source, reaching a percentage of over 90% in Spain and reaching 100% responsible consumption of fish in Mexico. Thus, 100% of the fish and seafood consumed in its establishments in 2025 will come from responsible sources.

The Iberostar Group launched the 'Wave of Change' movement in 2017, an initiative with which it committed to promoting a responsible tourism model towards the protection of the ocean and the environment.

In addition, it has developed the lines of action of its own Agenda 2023 that advances towards a circular economy, promotes the responsible consumption of fish and shellfish and improves the coastal health of all the ecosystems that surround its hotels.