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Iberdrola wins the contract to supply 'green' energy to Metro de Madrid for 395 million

MADRID, 6 Dic.

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Iberdrola wins the contract to supply 'green' energy to Metro de Madrid for 395 million


Iberdrola has been awarded the supply of electricity with a guarantee of origin from renewable energy sources for Metro de Madrid for a total amount of around 395 million euros over the next five years.

Specifically, the energy company has acquired the five lots that the Community of Madrid had put up for grabs for the high and low voltage supply points of the Madrid Metro for the period 2024-2028.

Although they had shown interest in the tender, along with Iberdrola, the electricity companies Endesa, Total and Audax, finally the only one that submitted an offer for the contract was the group chaired by Ignacio Sánchez Galán.

In this new five-year contract, Iberdrola has thus acquired the 6.2TD rate supplies of 794,807,667 kilowatt hours (kWh) for the entire tender period, for an amount of 84,046 million euros; as well as those with a 6.1TD rate by geographical grouping of 869,986,300 kWh, for 93.581 million euros, according to the documentation published on the public procurement portal consulted by Europa Press.

Lot 3 at stake was also awarded for 69.636 million euros, for 6.1TD rate supplies by geographic grouping of 639,822,832 kWh; lot 4, for 75.323 million euros, for the 6.1TD rate per geographical grouping of 696,567,033 kWh; and lot 5 for 3,820 million euros, for low voltage supply, 2.0TD and 3.0TD rates of 31,721,252 kWh for the entire tender period, in all cases.

High voltage electricity, which is used to transport current over long distances, is the one with the highest consumption on the network, reaching 97.5% of the total and, in addition to powering all station facilities, It is also transformed for use on trains. In the case of low voltage energy, which is generated for own consumption, the public company uses it for secondary power supplies and some offices.

Adding both types, thanks to the adoption of measures to increase energy efficiency, in the coming years a reduction in annual consumption of around 1.1 million kilowatts/hour is expected, according to data from Metro de Madrid.

Electrical energy is essential to guarantee the daily operation of Metro de Madrid. In this sense, the Madrid regional government launched the Energy Savings Plan in 2012, which has resulted in the Madrid suburban achieving a 25% decrease in annual consumption compared to what it had 13 years ago.