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Guests parade along a Goya red carpet punctuated by violence in the cinema, Vox and rural protests

   VALLADOLID, 10 Feb.

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Guests parade along a Goya red carpet punctuated by violence in the cinema, Vox and rural protests


The nominees and guests of the 38th Goya Gala ceremony, which is being held this Saturday at the Valladolid Fair, have begun to parade around 6:00 p.m. along the red carpet, a route in which they have also had to face of questions about the awards, three burning aspects in this ceremony: the recent accusations of sexual violence against the filmmaker Carlos Vermut; the presence for the first time of Vox at the gala and the protests of the farmers, who have also been present around the venue.

Asked about sexual abuse in cinema, Alberto Amman - nominated for best leading actor for 'Upon Entry' - has defended that it is "an absolutely personal thing", the fact that the sector is critical of the regard. "In my particular case I have always spoken openly about what I think and I absolutely condemn violence," he assured, while stating that it is a "social problem" and has put the focus on the education that young people receive.

On the other hand, he has assured that his "heart is with the farmers", alluding to the protests of recent days. "Because if there is no farmer, not even God eats here," he defended, while regarding Vox's criticism of the world of cinema he reiterated that "everyone is free, like the viewers, everyone is free to criticize a film." , whatever you want or not" although he has argued that "there is brutal ignorance and a specific attack against the sector."

Filmmaker Elena Martín, nominated for Best Director for 'Creatura', has assured that "it is very necessary to talk and the industry to take responsibility for abuses of power. "If it is necessary to speak in public, it is worth talking about." , he said to demand that men also be asked because women talk about it "daily."

Regarding the gala's rejection of this violence, he pointed out that everyone is going to say what they want and stressed that there is "a televised genocide with 27,000 dead and it would be very nice" to ask the Government to stop buying weapons from Israel. Regarding Voz's presence at the gala, he has indicated that she "doesn't care a little."

For his part, Alex Barndmül, nominated for best actor for 'Creatura', has defended that everyone takes a stand against violence in cinema but recalled that it happens in that industry and "all over the world." Hopefully it will also begin to be seen in politics and other sectors," he pointed out. Meanwhile, his co-star, Clara Segura, also nominated, has defended that we must begin to educate so that complaints are made and also so that the group can intervene. "The first thing that comes out is "That the person who happens to it has the ovaries to say it, but the rest needs to be questioned," he stressed to point out that they do not understand "much" the presence of Vox after "censoring" shows, something that Brandemül has defined as " incongruity".

Macarena Gómez and her husband, Aldo Comas, have also shown themselves in favor of the farmers, shouting "On fire with the farmers!", while, when asked by Vox, they have indicated that "every politician has their opinion." . Both have also referred to sexual abuse in the cinema although, in the words of Comas, "this should be reported in court and not on the red carpet." "Abuse is a scourge, it exists and has existed, but this should not be championed under any color or ideology," he added, while Gómez recalled that at the Gaudí Awards Gala this matter did not stop being "claimed all the time." ".