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German exports fall 0.9% in July and imports rise 1.4%

MADRID, 4 Sep.

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German exports fall 0.9% in July and imports rise 1.4%


German exports totaled 130.4 billion euros in July, a figure 0.9% lower than that of the previous month and 1% below that of the same month of 2022, according to data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) published this Monday.

For their part, imports from Germany in the seventh month of the year reached 114.5 billion euros, 1.4% more than in June, but 10.2% less than a year earlier.

Thus, the German trade balance showed a surplus of 15,900 million euros in the month of July.

In the first seven months of 2023, German exports totaled 922.4 billion euros, 2.9% more than a year earlier, while imports reached 811.3 billion euros, 4.9% less.

In the month of July, German exports to the EU reached 71,900 million euros, 0.5% more than in June, while German purchases from its community partners reached 61,700 million, 2.9% more .

In the case of the euro zone, German exports rose 1.7% in July, to 51.2 billion, while imports increased 5.6%, to 41.7 billion euros.

Regarding third countries, exports from Germany totaled 58,500 million, 2.5% less, and imports amounted to 52,800 million, 0.2% less.

In July, most of Germany's imports came from China, with goods worth €13.2 billion, down 5.8% from the previous month, while imports from the United States increased 6.1% to $7.9bn, and imports from the UK fell 3.2% to $3bn.

In the case of Russia, German exports increased by 2.2% per month, up to 700 million euros, while compared to July 2022 they fell by 31.3% due to the invasion of Ukraine.

On its side, imports from Russia fell 15.7% per month in July, to 200 million euros, and 91.8% compared to July 2022.