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Gamarra believes that Vox "has regretted" more than once its second motion of censure against Sánchez

He advances that in his speech he will expose "the reasons for censorship" of Sánchez and "the alternative" that Spain has with Feijóo.

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Gamarra believes that Vox "has regretted" more than once its second motion of censure against Sánchez

He advances that in his speech he will expose "the reasons for censorship" of Sánchez and "the alternative" that Spain has with Feijóo


The general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has advanced that she will focus her speech on exposing both "the reasons for censorship" of the Government of Pedro Sánchez and the "alternative" that Spain has with the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. In addition, she has been convinced that Vox has "regretted" more than once for having presented that motion.

"I think we all have the feeling that he has regretted it on a few occasions," Gamarra declared in an interview on RNE, which was collected by Europa Press, three days after the debate on the motion of no confidence began in Congress. Vox, which will present as a candidate the economist and former leader of the Communist Party, Ramón Tamames.

Gamarra has confirmed that the Popular Group will abstain from voting on the motion. "It is a decision that has already been taken and has been part of a previous reflection, with which the vote is clear and decided", he declared. In the first Vox motion, in October 2020, the PP then led by Pablo Casado opted for 'no', in a harsh speech against Santiago Abascal's party in which he even exclaimed: "We have come this far" .

The leader of the PP has pointed out that Spain "does not have the government it deserves". "Therefore, the Government is absolutely reprehensible, but this is not the way to censor it, rather the way will be through the polls," she stated.

In this sense, he has indicated that this year there are two electoral appointments, the municipal and regional ones in May, and the general ones at the end of 2023, in which the Spaniards will have the "opportunity to vote" and "censor the Prime Minister in the first person ". "There is a future. The Government can be changed and there is an alternative, which is Feijóo," he added.

Gamarra has assured that the PP is "very clear" that this motion "is not necessary" because even Vox is aware that "it cannot get ahead." "We do not share this instrument or the use that is being made of it and, therefore, we are not going to support it," he declared.

In addition, the 'number two' of Alberto Núñez Feijóo has predicted that this debate will visualize the "glue that the Frankenstein Government has" with its partners, which means providing "oxygen" to Pedro Sánchez.

Regarding the tone that the PP will use in the debate, Gamarra has advanced that the PP will opt for the "serious and respectful tone" that Spanish society "deserves". "What we are going to offer Spanish society are the reasons for censorship but above all the alternative that Spain has and that it will be able to materialize very soon," he added, to emphasize that at the polls on May 28 "the presents Pedro Sanchez".

Given Santiago Abascal's criticism of the PP for its abstention, the spokesperson for the Popular Group has refused to enter into the confrontation and has stressed that "what is clear is that this motion is the one who is most happy about Pedro Sánchez." "And if he is so pleased and so happy it is because he is profitable, not for anything else," she has proclaimed.

Gamarra has confirmed that the leader of the PP will not go to Congress on the days that the motion of no confidence is debated, a decision "already taken" and that falls within the "logic" because he does not have a seat there and "cannot speak" in the speaker's rostrum.

On the proposal of the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, so that the ministers are the ones who respond to Vox in that parliamentary debate, Gamarra has criticized the "occurrences" of the also leader of Podemos instead of being focused on helping families from his Ministry.

On the other hand, when asked if she would have renounced collecting the social bonus in the case of the Madrid councilor Enrique Osorio and the leader of Más Madrid, Mónica García, Gamarra stressed that large families "have a protection regime" and " They have a right to it."

"Just as no one has renounced the 20 cent discount on gasoline, no one has renounced the VAT reductions and no one is saying on the electricity bill 'do not apply this reduced VAT to me' that is being applied to us everyone", Gamarra pointed out, to conclude that the debate that has to do with the protection of large families has to be "a little deeper and more rigorous".