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G20 adopts final declaration despite friction over Ukraine invasion

Demands reform of the World Trade Organization and welcomes the African Union.

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G20 adopts final declaration despite friction over Ukraine invasion

Demands reform of the World Trade Organization and welcomes the African Union

The leaders of the G20 member states, which are meeting this Saturday at the summit being held in New Delhi, the capital of India, have demanded the full implementation and compliance of the grain export agreement from Ukrainian ports, time that they have rejected the use of nuclear weapons in the framework of any conflict.

The G20, made up of the world's main economies, has indicated in a joint statement that the reactivation of the pact also involves guaranteeing the supply of Russian fertilizers.

"We appreciate Turkey's efforts and the agreements signed in Istanbul with the mediation of the United Nations (...) and call for their full, timely and effective implementation to ensure the immediate and uninterrupted supply of grain, food and fertilizers from Russia and Ukraine "says the text.

Thus, the group has indicated that this is something "necessary" to be able to meet the demand of developing countries, especially those in Africa, and has highlighted the importance of "food and energy security."

"We call for an immediate end to military destruction or attacks of relevant infrastructure and express our concern about the negative impact of conflicts on the security of civilians," says the document, which links these clashes with the worsening of the situation. for vulnerable people.

For this reason, the member states, which have not avoided referring to the war in Ukraine as an "invasion", have asked the parties to "adhere to the principles of international law, including territorial integrity, sovereignty and multilateral systems to safeguard peace and stability."

"The peaceful resolution of conflicts and efforts to address crises, as well as diplomacy and dialogue, are fundamental," they stressed before stating that their objective is to "address the adverse impact of war on the global economy and give "welcome all relevant and constructive initiatives that support a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine that respects all the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter."

Likewise, they have rejected the use of nuclear weapons in armed conflicts and have asked to avoid their "use or threat" to achieve territory in acts that go "against the sovereignty or political independence" of third countries, although they have not mentioned directly no country. "The use or threat of nuclear weapons is inadmissible," they stated.

In accordance with the United Nations Charter, "all States must refrain from threatening or using force to seize territories contrary to the territorial integrity and sovereignty or political independence of any State," they have maintained.

Furthermore, they have highlighted the "human suffering and additional negative impact of the war in Ukraine with respect to global food and energy security, supply chains, macroeconomic stability, inflation and growth."


The G20 has also called for reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to "improve all its functions through an inclusive, member-driven process."

"We remain committed to carrying out discussions with a view to having a dispute settlement system that is fully functioning and accessible to all members by 2024," the text states.

The leaders have also applauded the inclusion of the African Union (AU) as a permanent member of the group and welcomed the bloc. "We firmly believe that the inclusion of the AU in the G20 will contribute significantly to the solution of current global challenges," they stated.

Previously, the United States, India, Brazil and South Africa issued a joint statement after a meeting on the sidelines of the summit to reaffirm their "commitment to turning the event into a forum for international economic cooperation to reach solutions."

"As representatives of the countries that hold and will hold the presidency of the G20, we will build historic progress to address global challenges. (...) We will work together across the G20 to support people towards a better future," they stated.