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Franco: "Pau, you will continue to inspire with your commitment"

MADRID, 8 Mar.

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Franco: "Pau, you will continue to inspire with your commitment"


The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Franco, affirmed that the Spanish power forward Pau Gasol will continue to "inspire" many generations of players with his "talent", "sacrifice" and "commitment", after he The Lakers have withdrawn this morning the shirt of the ex-international from Sant Boi.

In an open letter, José Manuel Franco recalled an anecdote from when the Lakers arrived exhausted for the seventh and final game of the 2010 NBA Finals.

"The Celtics were playing every game of that series driven by hunger and the brilliance of their own history. Hours before the decisive clash, Pau Gasol wanted to thank his fans for their support and encouragement, leaving for memory the phrase that inspired his entire career: 'Where the legs do not reach the heart, we will give everything'", he recovered.

This morning, the Los Angeles Lakers hung Gasol's number 16 from the roof of the Staples Center, along with Kobe Bryant's number 24. "Pau's words reproduced an emotional gratitude to his parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, coaches... in short, to those who believed in him when he grew up in his school and dreamed of being a basketball player; the people who made him feel and being a special man and a unique athlete. His figure will inspire many generations for his talent, sacrifice and commitment," he said.

For Franco, the humility, competitive spirit and generosity of Pau Gasol have sustained a career full of success and recognition in his clubs and in the Spanish team.

"His belief in the strength of the team and his commitment to the best values ​​and principles of the human condition earn him a privileged place in the history of our sport and our memory. But, above all, Pau will continue to inspire with his determined commitment to building a healthier, more egalitarian and fairer world", he commented.

For all this, the president of the CSD, from the emotion that his message of gratitude has caused him before a packed Staples Center, expressed his gratitude to the eldest of the Gasols for everything that his game and his work will always transmit.

"The Lakers beat the Celtics in that last game of the final and Pau achieved his second NBA ring. He signed, as he himself has confessed with great humility, his most complete game in the American League, with 19 points and 18 rebounds "But the MVP of that meeting was his great friend, Kobe Bryant. 'With all fairness', according to Pau himself," he said.

However, for Spanish sport Gasol was the best in history. "Since this morning, the Lakers and the NBA have recognized him. The idol became a legend. Pau, thank you very much. For being an example and for being an inspiration," he concluded.

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