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Ferran Torres: "We are not among the favourites, anyway, but we are going to fight"

MADRID, 20 Nov.

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Ferran Torres: "We are not among the favourites, anyway, but we are going to fight"


The Spanish international Ferran Torres has assured that although many do not place 'la Roja' among the favorites to win the World Cup in Qatar, they are going "to give war", relying above all on "the strength of the group", which he is convinced will make them "To get far".

"In a World Cup there are always many favourites. It depends on many factors; we are in a different climate, but we are working well, we are a good team with a lot of prospects. We are not among the favourites, but we are going to fight," he declared at the wheel. press.

Precisely, the fact of not being among the favorites means that they are not "forced" to reach any specific round. "We are going to give everything of ourselves, to play in the best possible way. From there, if the result works for us, we will continue playing, and if it does not, we will leave with our heads held high and proud of the work we have done. We are young and we will have to continue", he pointed out.

In this sense, he explained that the 'star' of Spain is "the whole team". "We are above individualities, we have always shown that we are a very compact team, that is our strength," he said. "What characterizes us the most is the union we have, we're all in the same boat. It's good to get along off the field so that it is reflected on the field later. Many players have known each other for a long time from lower categories, from facing each other in LaLiga ".

"We are the Spanish team, we are a very compact team, we all go together. Our strength is the group above all else, and that is going to make us go very far," he continued, and listed the strengths he finds in the team . "The help of my teammates, the confidence of the coach, who gives us a lot of confidence, the friendships, the 'feeling' we have with our teammates", he highlighted.

Ferran, who assured that the fact that there are so many Barça players in the group is "a source of pride" and "motivation" to continue working, downplayed the youth of 'la Roja'. "We have been demonstrating for a long time that we are a team with a lot of projection, very young. We also have veteran players who have already played in more World Cups and who are going to give us that little bit that we youngsters lack. Youngsters are very hungry, very eager to demonstrate, to play our football, and I think we are on the right path", he stated.

On the other hand, the Barca striker believes that the World Cup could be an opportunity to vindicate himself. "It is true that at Barça I have played less, I also started with a foot injury and that made me start a little later. The World Cup can mark a before and after," he said.

"It is true that when I started I scored many goals. I always say that I am extreme, that I don't have to score goals; I have to score and give them, but I also have to help defensively, where the coach demands a lot from us. We are all very involved in it," he added.

Thus, he recalled his great match against the German team, which they will face again in Group E. "We have a very nice last memory against Germany, a 6-0 win with which we qualified for the 'Final Four'. It was a very complete match of the team, regardless of my 'hat-trick', it was a step forward that we took at that moment", he pointed out.

"As long as I play, I can play in any position up front. I've always felt more comfortable on the right wing, although lately I've been playing more on the left or in forward. Here I've always been very comfortable, with a lot of confidence, and my best games have come been on the right wing", he continued about his position in the field.

"There is a '9', which is Morata, but Marco Asensio, Dani Olmo, Ansu, me could also play... That position is well occupied. There are eight forwards, which is very good, because due to our way of playing we do a great physical effort and we have to be substituted", he said. "With this coach there is no one indisputable, we can all play at any time, and that is one of the strengths we have as a team and what makes you always stay active," he added.

He also spoke of the arrival of Alejandro Balde. "He was on the pre-list because he has made a magnificent start to the season. He has known how to adapt to playing on the right side, where we lacked players. The coach called Gayà and Jordi Alba. It's a pity about Gayà; it motivates us to fight for him. With Balde, we will try to help him in whatever way we can and make him feel at home," he explained.

In another order of things, Ferran recognized that the whole team enjoys the new facet of Luis Enrique as a 'streamer'. "I'm a fan of the coach's 'streamings', the team is waiting to see him every night. We had a great time watching him," he said.

In addition, he valued the statements of the coach by qualifying him as his extension on the field, laughing, so that his daughter, the striker's partner, would not scold him. "We already know the coach, he is a joker. It was a direct thing, a joke," he said. "The coach and I are knowing how to differentiate when it is familiar and when we are a player and a coach. You have to take it naturally," he added.

Finally, regarding Costa Rica, Spain's rival in the debut, the culé striker believes that they will have to face a strong defense. "Playing against an opponent who is locked up is more difficult because there are fewer spaces. We always try to play our game, take them to where we want, and from there, if we are effective and create chances, take the three points," he said.

"From Costa Rica we know that it is a rival that is going to be very intense, that it is going to lock us up, that it can play with four or five... It will be a difficult match. In addition, it will be the first of a World Cup, which always tends to be more difficult, but we have to take the game to where we want, and from there, try to win however it is", he concluded.