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Feijóo warns of a possible amnesty law: "There will be a judicial, political and electoral response"

MADRID, 10 Sep.

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Feijóo warns of a possible amnesty law: "There will be a judicial, political and electoral response"


The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has warned that in the event that an amnesty law "or similar" is promoted, "with the approval of the PSOE", there will be a "judicial, political and electoral" response.

This was stated in an interview published this Sunday by the newspaper 'La Razón', in which he criticized the acting President of the Government and PSOE Secretary General, Pedro Sánchez, for "renouncing his principles and dignity" for negotiating with the independentistas this law.

"The statements by Sánchez and his ministers have been repeated defending that the amnesty did not fit in the Constitution (...). What has changed in these last two months? Well, only two things, that Sánchez has lost the elections and that "He is willing to do anything to become President of the Government again after losing the elections," he said in this regard.

Given this, he has trusted in the mechanisms of the rule of law and has advocated waiting to see "what price Mr. Sánchez is willing to pay" and then assessing "what are the mechanisms before the Supreme Court to react." . "And, finally, we will have to see what happens in the event that this possible law reaches the Constitutional Court," he explained, to also influence the effect of this decision on the 2021 European elections, as well as the Basque and Galician.

"I am convinced that with the judicial mechanisms, in which I trust, and the ethical and electoral mechanisms we will stop this agreement of impunity for the independence movement, if it is confirmed," he added, to advance that the PP will make this matter debated. in all the autonomous Parliaments, the Congress and the Senate.

Feijóo has thus stated that he will dedicate himself "body and soul" to stopping this issue: "After winning the first general elections in which I am running, my obligation is to preserve the basic values ​​of Spanish democracy."

Questioned about his contacts with Junts to talk about the investiture, the PP leader said that the independence party got in touch through "informal channels" and "some messages." "But, when the official meeting with Junts was pending, Mr. Puigdemont referred to the PSOE and the PP in the appearance with his demands to support an investiture, and I immediately came out to make it clear that in the event of an investiture conditional on the amnesty, the meeting we could save it", has detailed.

Likewise, he has pointed out that ERC, which now does not want to talk to the PP, did want to before the elections, "when they sent several messages to contact and talk."

Feijóo has assured, in this sense, that his party "is willing to speak with the parliamentary groups" because "that is what politics consists of", although he has specified that the "only exception" is Bildu: "We do not consider them a valid interlocutor as long as they keep people convicted of blood crimes on their lists and as long as they do not condemn the 900 murders by ETA."

In this way, he has stated that he has not felt questioned by his party when it comes to establishing contact with the pro-independence parties, which is why, he stressed, "I would do it again."

On the other hand, Feijóo, who has celebrated the "behavior of an enormous dignity of Vox" for letting him govern alone, has referred to the PNV and has warned him that he has "to decide if he wants to be one more of the satellites of sanchismo or wants to have its own criteria for the defense of Basque interests".