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Feijóo accuses Sánchez of "offending" people with his "triumphalism" and responding to his "failure" with the attack on the PP

MADRID, 3 May.

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Feijóo accuses Sánchez of "offending" people with his "triumphalism" and responding to his "failure" with the attack on the PP


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has accused this Wednesday the Government of Pedro Sánchez of being installed in "Adanismo" and "triumphalism" by boasting of the good progress of the economy, a speech that, in his opinion, leads to the "frustration" of citizens, who see that their problems "are not really being addressed". So, he has continued, the "conformism" of the Executive emerges, which when put "in front of the mirror of its failure is content to answer: 'Others are doing worse', 'the alternative is worse' or 'Feijóo is worse '".

This was pronounced at the presentation of the informative breakfast of the PP candidate for the Principality of Asturias, Diego Canga, organized by Nueva Economía Fórum, one day after Pedro Sánchez accused the Popular Party of "maneuvering in the dark" with the aim of to "repeal" the management of his Government.

Feijóo has affirmed that there are several "evils" that affect the Executive of PSOE and United We Can, which he has summarized in "adanismo, triumphalism, and conformism". In the first place, he has criticized that the pandemic, the war, the La Palma volcano have become "a kind of self-justifying and self-exculpatory mantra" that, in his opinion, "it already seems that it will serve until the end of the legislature to ignore every mistake made" as if other countries had not suffered the war or the Covid-19.

Given the situation of the economy, with "high levels of indebtedness and increasing fiscal pressure" and when families suffer from rising mortgages or the shopping basket, he has criticized the fact that the Government sets itself as an "example" of management, a speech with which in his opinion "almost offends" the one who listens to him because "in most parameters he is the bottom of Europe".

In his opinion, "this mixture of Adamism and triumphalism" leads to "the frustration of the citizens", who see that the problems "are not really addressed, but remain in headlines and tweets to get out of the informative step of the day or in disguised statistics so that the data say something similar to what was intended".

"Then the only possible way out emerges, which is conformism, which has also been undertaken with all intensity in the Government, which when faced with the mirror of its failure is content to respond: 'Others are doing worse', ' with others it would have been worse for us', 'the alternative is worse' or for not using euphemisms such as 'Feijóo is worse'", he emphasized.