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Fans and shawls, Rocío Jurado or 'Granada' in Bocelli's voice sneak into some Latin Grammys with an Andalusian flavor

Shakira collects a Latin Grammy from Sergio Ramos: "I have promised that I will be happy, in the past there is nothing".

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Fans and shawls, Rocío Jurado or 'Granada' in Bocelli's voice sneak into some Latin Grammys with an Andalusian flavor

Shakira collects a Latin Grammy from Sergio Ramos: "I have promised that I will be happy, in the past there is nothing"


The Latin Grammys closed a gala this Friday at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions (Fibes) in Seville that lived up to expectations, where Andalusian music was very present through interventions by artists like Rosalía, who has regained a popular theme by Rocío Jurado, Andrea Bocelli singing 'Granada' or Alejandro Sanz with his 'Corazón partío' between fans and shawls of his group of dancers.

Rosalía was in charge of kicking off the gala with a highly applauded performance in which the Catalan singer paid tribute to Rocío Jurado with a flamenco version of 'Se nos roto el amor'. Wearing a strapless black dress and surrounded by an orchestra with guitars acting as violins, the first bars of the song made popular by Rocío Jurado sounded.

Subsequently, the actor Antonio Banderas took the floor to officially start the gala. "Andalusia, pride of beauty and song: they have got it right when thinking about this land, fertile for artistic creation. From Pablo Picasso to Lorca, passing through Velázquez," said the artist, and then celebrate that on this night you can " discover the song of life".

Alejandro Sanz has also joined the demand for the Andalusian land, although in his case with some suspense - an apparent failure in the microphone has led him to repeat the beginning of his speech twice. "There are three things that make me feel proud: being Spanish, being a musician and a member of the Latin recording academy," he noted before performing.

Sanz, who has also claimed music as "healing in good and not so good moments, in the midst of noise and pain", has performed his famous song 'Corazón partío' in the middle of a stage with some improvised horseshoe arches reminiscent of Seville's Plaza de España and surrounded by dancers with fans and shawls.

Andrea Bocelli, also flooding the stage with red flowers and Sevillian dancers, has recovered the song 'Granada' by composer Agustín Lara, highly applauded by the public. And another Andalusian demand, in this case flamenco, has come from the hand of Niña Pastori. "Flamenco is where it is today and it is not a minority, but a category. I am happy to belong to it," she remarked.

The singer Shakira has received the award for best song of the year, 'Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53', together with the producer Bizarrap, collecting the award from the hands of the soccer player Sergio Ramos and recognizing that she has promised her children "to be happy" because "in the past there is nothing."

"This award goes to my children, I have promised them that I am going to be happy and they are going to have a mother who is going to laugh with all her laughter. They deserve it and I am already thinking about the songs and tours that I am going to do: about that I think. In the past there is nothing, only the future is remembered", he pointed out.

Before going up for the award, Ramos - a former Real Madrid footballer and now at Sevilla - announced the prize in a category in which "the stars are the ones who create songs that are heard all over the world." "In football the most intense emotions are achieved with a great goal and in music they are achieved with songs," Ramos and Laferte completed.

Shakira was another of the main stars of the gala along with the Argentine producer Bizzarap. First, both have collected one of the earliest awards - best pop song - and Shakira has remembered both her homeland, Colombia, and Spain. "The Spanish public has accompanied me in the good and bad times, in the difficult and hard times, and at no time have they stopped giving me love," she said.

Subsequently, they had a joint performance - before that two other Bizarrap songs were played, with Milo J and a particular version of 'Quédate' - with their already famous song from the producer's sessions in which the Colombian singer remembers that "women no longer cry, women make bills" and that has been widely applauded and even chanted.

The Colombian singer has also performed alone in another emotional moment, as she played the song 'Acróstico' in which her children participate - and which appeared in a previously recorded video -. Both children from her relationship with Piqué were also present at the gala and were mentioned in the aforementioned speech.

Another of the most notable moments was the presentation of the Person of the Year award to Laura Pausini by Karol G. "I am the happiest person in the world, in 30 years I have had a very privileged life, not only because of the great pleasure to sing in Spanish, but above all because I have felt adopted as a daughter and a sister: I am the most Latin Italian in the entire fucking world," Pausini shouted with humor.

The Italian artist has previously performed a 'medley' of her most popular songs, including 'Solitude' or 'Marco has left' - Rauw Alejandro has also paid a brief tribute to her with a version of 'Se fue' - .

"Latinos are my family, I feel in thinking and feeling and today we confirm to the whole world that our adoption is finally legal. And above all that our souls and hearts will remain together forever." added the winner of the Latin Grammy Award Person of the Year.

Antonio Banderas, for his part, has collected another special award, from the 2023 Presidency. "I need music like eating every day. I believe in art at all levels because art is the best way to learn to live and be unique and special," remarked the actor from Malaga, who also had a nod to the Latin community.

"For me it has meant everything in the United States. They worked very hard for their children to come out and now they are in all the positions of power and of course they reached Hollywood. These awards are very important and the fact that you have come to Andalusia is a immense gift," he defended.

The gala lasted more than three hours and had numerous musical performances. Ozuna, Carín León, Juanes, Sebastián Yatra, Eslabón Armado and Peso Pluma, Rauw Alejandro, Maluma, María Becerra and Pablo Alborán, Fercho and Camilo and Manuel Carrasco have closed a day in which Shakira, Karol G and Bizarrap emerged as winners at night in Seville.