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Exolum shoots up its profits in Spain by 54% in the first half, up to 135.6 million

MADRID, 5 Nov.

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Exolum shoots up its profits in Spain by 54% in the first half, up to 135.6 million


Exolum obtained a net profit of 135.6 million euros in the first half of the year with its activity in Spain, which represents an increase of 54.1% compared to the 88 million euros in the same period of the previous year.

The gross operating result (Ebitda) of the former CLH stood at 220.6 million euros at the end of June, 17.5% more than in the first half of 2022, according to the data collected in the newsletter of the liquid hydrocarbons logistics activity of the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) group.

For its part, the operating income of the operator of logistics services for the transportation and storage of liquid hydrocarbons in Spain increased by 13.2%, to 350 million euros, and the operating expenses item increased by 5.5%, up to 132.4 million euros.

Meanwhile, the total investments made by the Exolum Group in Spain during the first half of 2023 reached 22.6 million euros, a figure 112.2% higher than that of the same period last year.

Of these, 75.3% of the total were allocated to investments in sustainability (17 million euros) and 5.6 million - 24.7% - to commercial investments.

The group's accumulated shipments of gasoline and diesel during the first half of this year were 1.1% higher than those of the same period of the previous year, due to the progressive recovery in demand, standing at 17.9 million cubic meters.

However, despite this increase, this figure is still lower than pre-pandemic levels, when 18.2 million cubic meters were reached in the first half of 2019.

Accumulated withdrawals of automotive fuels, which represented 83% of the total volume of gasoline and diesel, increased by 4.3%, while output of diesel B decreased by 19.2% and diesel C output increased by 4. .8%.

Exolum is the owner of the country's oil pipeline network, 4,000 kilometers long, as well as 39 storage facilities totaling almost eight million cubic meters of capacity.

Additionally, it is present in 37 airport facilities where it provides storage, distribution and on-board aircraft aviation fuel services.

At an international level, the group has various subsidiaries and investee companies that currently operate in eight countries - the United Kingdom, Ireland, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal.