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ERC, Bildu and Más País will take advantage of the motion to summon Sánchez to be brave and avoid a government of PP and Vox

His intention is not to contribute to the "circus" in which they believe that those of Abascal want to convert Congress for two days.

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ERC, Bildu and Más País will take advantage of the motion to summon Sánchez to be brave and avoid a government of PP and Vox

His intention is not to contribute to the "circus" in which they believe that those of Abascal want to convert Congress for two days


Esquerra Republicana (ERC), EH Bildu and Más País will take advantage of the debate on the motion of no confidence by Ramón Tamames against the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to call on the Chief Executive not to 'rest on his laurels' in the last stretch of the legislature and to promote until the end courageous measures that serve to block the way to a hypothetical alliance that allows the PP and Vox to govern after the general elections.

These parties, regular parliamentary partners of the Government, can only reply to Tamames in the debate, as a candidate for the Presidency of the Government, but in their speech they will not ignore the person who presents him, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

According to sources from these formations have advanced to Europa Press, it is possible that the spokespersons of these parties do not consume all the time available to them, because none of them wants to contribute to the "circus" or the "show" that, in their opinion, Vox has put on by resorting to this constitutional instrument to put Alberto Núñez Feijóo's party in a bind, especially knowing that it has no chance of success.

But that will not prevent them from using their turns to speak to review the measures that have been approved throughout the legislature with the support of the investiture bloc and to demand that Sánchez fulfill the promises that they still have written down.

They will do so by advising you that, despite the tight electoral calendar with the municipal and regional elections just two months away, you must take advantage of until the last moment to take measures that alleviate the most vulnerable and those who are facing many difficulties, for example, by rise in the price of food or housing.

Assuming the failure of his proposal to plant Tamames, the ERC spokesman, Gabriel Rufián tried again this year to challenge Vox's motion of no confidence, but he has already assumed that his proposal has not been successful and has confirmed that he will intervene, It won't run out of time though.

In any case, he has already advanced that all his darts will not be directed only at Vox, but that he will ask Sánchez to account because he is the one who is ruling. "The Government cannot get away with it," he anticipated after his clash with the PSOE over the failure of the reform of the 'gag law'.

The Bildu spokeswoman, Mertxe Aizpurua, has publicly given fewer clues about her intentions, who has dismissed a motion that she sees as an "absurd and tasteless joke" that only seeks to "feed the growing political disaffection", the one with which, in In his opinion, we must fight to, among other things, block the way to a possible PP-Vox alliance.

For the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, this initiative, led by a "paradoxical" candidate, is like a "right-wing self-harm" because it is not against the government but "against the PP". Of course, the Madrid deputy will insist that the coalition Executive cannot condition his "health" to the "insolvency of his opposition."

A similar reading is made by the Compromís deputy, Joan Baldoví, who sees this debate as "a fratricidal struggle between the cowardly and heroic right-wing". The candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana, has guaranteed that "he will treat Tamames with all due respect", although he has been ironic about the possibility that he will not even obtain the support of the 52 Vox deputies, judging by some of his statements in recent weeks.

The PNV spokesman, Aitor Esteban, has hinted at the possibility of opting for a short intervention. Already in 2020, when Abascal defended his motion of no confidence against Sánchez, the Basque nationalist was the one who spent the least time debating with him and did not even go down to the rostrum to reply to him. He did it from his seat, which is less than a meter from the one that Tamames will occupy, who is going to address the chamber from the seat that Abascal usually occupies.

The one who has announced that his speech will be "very brief" is the spokesman for the PDeCAT, Ferran Bel, who will make his position clear but does not intend to help the "grotesque circus" that, in his opinion, Vox is looking for, "go further ".

Now apart from the partners of the Government, Ciudadanos will use the appointment to show its country model with concrete proposals. The national spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Patricia Guasp, has been reiterating that the motion proposed by Vox is "useless" and she already advanced the vote against the 'oranges' at the end of February. However, they want to take advantage of the showcase of the debate and do not intend to give up their 30-minute speech, which will be carried out by the parliamentary spokesperson, Inés Arrimadas.

On her side, the Junts spokeswoman, Miriam Nogueras, will attack the PSOE for "feeding" the "circus organized by the extreme right" instead of collaborating with the European Parliament commission that will be in Madrid that same day to investigate espionage against independentistas Catalans known as the 'Pegasus case'. His partner from the Plural Group and BNG deputy, Néstor Rego, has no intention of playing Vox's game either and could take the opportunity to put the pending issues of his 'Galician agenda' on the table.

The first group to take the stage in Tuesday's debate will be the Mixed, with the CUP at the fore. His deputy, Mireia Vehí, who also plans to refer to the 'Pegasus case', predicts that the debate will make it clear that "the extreme right is not even good enough to be an opposition", although Sánchez uses it to present the PSOE as a party located "at the left".

They will also reject the Canary Islands Coalition initiative, the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC) and Teruel Existe, while the two deputies from Navarra Suma and the one from Foro Asturias will abstain, as will their electoral partners from the PP.