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El Barça pierde el pulso a triples ante Anadolu Efes (96-86)


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El Barça pierde el pulso a triples ante Anadolu Efes (96-86)


Barça may have started to wake up the beast after falling at the home of Anadolu Efes Istanbul (96-86) who was taking a nap at the start of the Euroleague but who, before the visit of another great, woke up and knocked down the blaugrana based on triples, despite the recital without a prize by Nicolás Laprovittola.

Despite the fact that the current double Euroleague champion is in bad shape, he is still a champion. And it was verified and suffered by a Barça that scored some 86 points that would be synonymous with victory in many games, but not in this one. Anadolu went to close to 100 (96 points) and warned Barça and the rest of the candidates to take the crown from them, that they are still there.

After this game, the Turks have three victories, still two behind Barça. There is still a lot ahead, Barça is without Nikola Mirotic (Anadolu played without Shane Larkin) and the key duels are yet to come, yes. But in this first fight, Anadolu went back to minimize Barça and caused doubt to be planted in many 'culés'.

And that Sarunas Jasikevicius's team started well and saw Nicolás Laprovittola shine who went to 28 points, with a 5/8 accuracy in triples. Four of them in the last quarter. But it wasn't enough in that pulse of three-pointers that Anadolu Efes took, to win the duel, thanks to the success of Will Clyburn (4 three-pointers), Vasilije Micic (3) and Amath M'Baye (3).

Barça took the first quarter (16-22) but left the other three by the wayside. Even so, the first part ended with a tight 45-41 and it seemed that Barça could turn the tables. On the other hand, players like Nikola Kalinic, who started well in attack, faded out, and key men like Tomas Satoransky did not contribute to the sum.

Anadolu Efes begins to show his cards. Despite not having Larkin, once the executioner of Barça, they wanted to make ground. Those of Ergin Ataman, who saw a technique not to miss their routine, took a step forward and did so with Vasilije Micic as 'MVP'. His were 22 key points, with almost 32 minutes of play despite the fact that Ataman prevented him from going to play with Serbia against his coach's Turkey. In principle, for needing rest. Ataman's stuff.

Micic was the best along with Will Clyburn (24 points) who decided to destroy everything he wore as a blaugrana. In addition, M'Baye's three unexpected three-pointers in the second quarter meant that Efes went into the break with that advantage. So many leaks to cover that Barça sank in Istanbul to say goodbye to their three-game winning streak.

ANADOLU EFES ISTANBUL: Micic (22), Beaubois (5), Bryant (16), Polonara (5) and Pleiss (-) -- starting quintet--; Clyburn (24), Taylor (4), M'Baye (13), Zizic (-) and Dunston (7).

BARÇA: Laprovittola (28), Satoransky (3), Kalinic (10), Tobey (-) and Sanli (18) --starting five--; Da Silva (-), Paulí (2), Vesely (-), Abrines (9), Higgins (14) and Jokubaitis (2).

-- PARTIALS: 16-22, 29-19, 21-16 and 30-29.

--REFEREES: Lottermoser, Paternico and Kardum. No deleted.

--PABELLÓN: Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.