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Dennis González and Mireia Hernández win silver in the free mixed duet

MADRID, 10 Feb.

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Dennis González and Mireia Hernández win silver in the free mixed duet


This Saturday, the Spanish couple formed by Dennis González and Mireia Hernández won the silver medal in the free mixed duet final of artistic swimming at the World Swimming Championships, which are being held in Doha, a medal that represents the fourth for swimming. Spanish artistic and the sixth in total for the team in this event.

The Spaniards completed a great performance, with hip-hop mixed with traditional Eastern European music, to achieve a score of 208.3583 - 37.3500 in difficulty, 86.3500 in artistic impression and 122.0083 in execution - to surpass the scores of their main rivals for the silver, Colombia (191.8729) and Mexico (192.5772), which finally took bronze.

The Chinese Wentao Cheng and Haoyu Shi (224.1437) maintained their favoritism and won the competition thanks to their 224.1437 points, which allowed the Asian country to achieve its seventh gold in the Doha event.

"We have been super tense throughout the championship; we were already in the technical duet final there, we were left with bad feelings. In the free duet we were going to give everything, with difficulty above. Obviously, China has ended up increasing the difficulty and has finished us happening, but we already knew that they are things that do not depend on us and nothing. We went to do the same thing we did in the semifinal, we have tried to do even better, but it is more than surpassed what was in our mind," said Dennis González after the competition.

Furthermore, he stressed that in a short time he was forced to do "more routines than in the previous World Cup." "I had a problem with my arms, but I was super focused on the competition. We reached the last day and we finished in the best way," he concluded.

For her part, Mireia Hernández was "proud" of what she had achieved. "It has been a very long championship, and with these new regulations you never know what you are going to be exposed to. We were left with the coach's thorn because in the final there was that small 'base mark' that took us to fourth place," she confessed. . "Four medals is a very good balance, we are very happy. There is always room for improvement, because what makes sport magical is also the ambition of always wanting to go a little further," she stressed.

He also recalled that the previous World Cup was "just half a year ago" and that they have managed to make "an incredible improvement." "We have increased difficulty in all the routines in this short time and always maintaining artistic investment, which is the beautiful part of Spain. In the mixed duets the level is rising quite a bit and I am proud to be part of this growth," he said, before Emphasize how "easy" it is to work with your partner.

In this way, Spanish artistic swimming leaves the Qatari capital with four medals - the silver in the mixed free duet, the technical team routine and that of Dennis González in the free solo and the bronze of Alisa Ozhogina and Iris Tió in the duet. technical- and the Olympic places by teams and in duos.

In addition, they join the silver achieved by María de Valdés in the 10 kilometers in open water and the bronze by Nico García Boissier and Adrián Abadía in synchronized 3-meter springboard jumps.