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De la Fuente: "I am pleased that there is a coach who is committed to young people"

MADRID, 18 Nov.

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De la Fuente: "I am pleased that there is a coach who is committed to young people"


The coach of the Spanish Under-21 team, Luis de la Fuente, pointed out this Thursday that it is a "recognition" and a "pride" that Luis Enrique has called Alejandro Balde to play in the World Cup, at the same time that he was proud of "that there is a selector that bets on young people".

"It is a recognition and a source of pride for all of us who work in the lower categories. I am pleased that there is a coach who is committed to young people and who is convinced that these people are capable and solvent. It is not a setback that he takes players because we are very happy and there is a lot to choose from. Today we had players from 2003, we have a very young team and all of those who are here have played in the First Division. I am happy because Spanish football is a factory for producing high-quality players", he pointed out at a press conference in Seville.

"It makes us feel very happy that he can experience a World Cup at the age of 19 and with such a short professional career, but in which he has done very well and has earned it. We have lived it with happiness and he is going to contribute what the absolute, I'm sure he'll work to increase competitiveness. If he has the chance to play, we'll celebrate it. Luis Enrique chooses very well because there are fantastic players", he added.

On the other hand, De la Fuente was satisfied with his team's 2-0 victory against Japan and recognized the good work of his team. "The aim is to always be the best possible, with successes in passes and arrivals and especially in finishing. The players are very good, we have many alternatives, but I have to say that Japan is a good team. The first half has It has been balanced and then in the second the people that we have brought new have brought vitality and more arrival and the games have to know how to mature them and in that aspect we have been more successful", he indicated.

Regarding the proper names of the friendly, the coach recognized the great work of the group and highlighted several players. "Riquelme is having a fantastic breakthrough in the First Division, he offers me some incredible opportunities to overflow, he has a goal and a shot. Today he had a great second half, but also because Bryan Gil has had a good first half. I think it's a team effort ", he expressed.

"The truth is that we have a fantastic group of players, and also with those who have not been able to come. Rodri is a player more established in the First Division with Betis and is fully integrated, with a lot of weight. Carmona, for his part, has had a He adapted very quickly and has given us what we needed. I'm happy because young players don't stop coming out and as soon as they are given the opportunity, they give up", he stated.