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Dani Alves' complainant for sexual assault is confirmed in the trial in a closed-door statement

A friend who accompanied her tells the court about the player's "slobbery attitude".

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Dani Alves' complainant for sexual assault is confirmed in the trial in a closed-door statement

A friend who accompanied her tells the court about the player's "slobbery attitude"


The young woman who denounced the footballer Dani Alves for allegedly sexually assaulting her in the bathroom of a nightclub has ratified her version this Monday in the trial that began in the Barcelona Court, in a statement that lasted approximately an hour and a quarter that was done behind closed doors to preserve their privacy.

At the time of her statement, the court made the public leave the courtroom (there were some of the player's relatives) and the journalists following the trial could not hear her either.

The statement has been recorded so that it is preserved as evidence, and to prevent his identity from being revealed if the statement is later leaked, it has been made with a distorted voice and image.

Next, a friend of the complainant testified, who along with her cousin was with her at the Sutton nightclub the night she was sexually assaulted.

The complainant's friend has said that Alves and his friend insisted that they go to their table, where there were already two other girls, and when they finally agreed, she noticed a "slobbery attitude" in the player.

"The moment I greeted him, he grabbed my face to give him a kiss, and I couldn't give him the second kiss because he was holding onto me too much, with a slimy attitude. He had his hand behind my back and he lowered it, he almost touched my face." ass," the young woman explained about her first contact with Alves.

She also explained that the complainant's cousin, who also went out partying with them that night, after greeting Alves, approached her and said: "He just touched my entire pussy."

After a while, the player went towards some stairs - where she did not know there was a bathroom - and the victim followed him; A few minutes later, the complainant's cousin alerted her with a message that "something bad had happened" and the victim needed to leave.

"He held his hands and said: 'He hurt me a lot, he came inside'", and he recalled that he did not know how to react, only to cry with her and encourage her to report while the nightclub workers activated the assault protocol. sexual.

The complainant's friend has also recalled how she and her cousin encouraged her to file a complaint: "We told her that she had to report this. She only said 'They're going to think that I'm doing this for money'. I tried to calm her down at all times. moment because she wanted to go home. 'They're not going to believe me,' she repeated."

"It was really hard for us to report it. I didn't want to. I was in shock," he added, and he said verbatim that he is currently in a very bad state, he has lost a lot of weight, he is anxious, he has reduced his circle of friends, and when he is anywhere he is thinking that they are watching her, taking photos of her or following her.

During her interrogation turn, Alves' lawyer, Inés Guardiola, asked the witness if the complainant used to have sex with strangers and, trying to cast doubt on the victim's explanation, asked her if she remembered that at first He said that the attack consisted of touching, to which the witness said she did not remember these details.

She has also explained that her friend has received psychological treatment since the assault and psychiatric treatment since the footballer's mother, Lucía Alves, published images of her on social networks, in a publication that she has already removed after being reported.