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COMMUNICATION: European Bar Association (AEA) and SoniaBoost, innovative alliance for the legal future

(Madrid, November 10, 2023.

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COMMUNICATION: European Bar Association (AEA) and SoniaBoost, innovative alliance for the legal future

(Madrid, November 10, 2023.-) Marking a milestone in legal innovation, SoniaBoost, a benchmark in artificial intelligence solutions, has concluded a collaborative agreement with the European Bar Association (AEA). This strategic initiative seeks to strengthen and empower legal professionals at a time when artificial intelligence applied to legal marketing is consolidated as an essential tool in the legal field.

The AEA has been recognized for years as the main European network of lawyers with 945 offices in 148 countries. Its prestige and excellence are unmatched and, with the formalization of this agreement with SoniaBoost, the AEA not only reaffirms its historical commitment to excellence and the technological cutting edge, but also cements its leading position, establishing a standard that other bar associations aspire to. to achieve in terms of innovation and adaptability.

SoniaBoost, a renowned legal marketing consultancy, has demonstrated its excellence in the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions that optimize processes, decisions and promote innovation in various areas. In the legal context, she introduces tools ranging from in-depth case analysis to cutting-edge legal research, raising the standard of service that lawyers can offer.

With this agreement, the AEA places all its associates in a privileged position, ensuring not only that lawyers are up to date, but also that they are pioneers in the adoption of advanced technologies. Artificial intelligence is reshaping the industry, and it is imperative to lead this change.

The key benefits of this agreement for lawyers are:

Access to consultancies with SoniaBoost for the implementation of artificial intelligence in their marketing departments, thus ensuring the optimization of time in day-to-day tasks and boosting law firms' growth.

Advanced Legal Research: Fast and accurate access to up-to-date legal information.

Predictive Analytics: Data-driven assessments to anticipate possible case outcomes.

Continuing Training: Training in AI tools adapted to the legal sector.

With this agreement between SoniaBoost and the AEA, it is guaranteed that legal professionals are at the forefront, with access to successful Growth marketing strategies in the legal sector.

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