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COMMUNICATION: Energy responsibility; What is the current energy scenario?

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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COMMUNICATION: Energy responsibility; What is the current energy scenario?

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 13, 2023.- As in many other aspects, human beings are an insatiable consumer of energy who throughout their history have been discovering and perfecting the methods of obtaining and using it.

Currently, it is considered that the minimum daily energy consumption per inhabitant to carry out any activity is 3.5 kWh and, however, an average of 60 kWh is consumed per person per day (17 times). Thus, the current problem is not the lack of energy resources, but the waste and lack of efficiency in consumption and that approximately 80% of the energy consumed comes from fossil fuels.

The recent energy price crises fundamentally motivated by geopolitical circumstances (war in Ukraine, Israel-Palestine conflict) have caused some countries to seek to secure their energy resources and reduce their dependence on external suppliers.

The global energy situation is thus at a turning point, where the transition towards more sustainable energy sources is crucial to address environmental challenges and guarantee long-term energy supply. International collaboration, investment in clean technologies, the adoption of more efficient practices and energy responsibility are fundamental to building a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

Spain has made significant progress in incorporating renewable energy into its energy matrix, with a particular emphasis on wind and solar energy. Investment in wind farms and solar plants has increased, consolidating Spain as one of the European leaders in installed renewable capacity.

Legislation and government policies have also played a crucial role in this change. Spain is committed to achieving ambitious objectives in terms of reducing CO₂ emissions and promoting clean energy. Furthermore, the progressive closure of coal-fired power plants has been an integral part of the strategy to decarbonize the energy sector.

However, the energy transition in Spain is not without challenges. The dependence on nuclear and gas energy (combined cycles) and the need to address the intermittency of renewable sources raise logistical and technological issues. Furthermore, energy demand management and infrastructure modernization are key aspects that require attention to ensure stability of supply.

Photovoltaic self-consumption systems allow consumers to generate part or all of their electricity, reducing dependence on the traditional grid and promoting greater energy autonomy.

From an economic perspective, self-consumption offers homes and companies the possibility of very significantly reducing all their future energy bills, amortizing the initial investment in a short time. In addition, the possibility of pouring surplus energy generated into the electrical grid provides the opportunity to obtain financial compensation or credits at times when production exceeds local consumption. Likewise, by generating electricity on site, losses associated with the transmission and distribution of energy throughout the network are minimized, increasing the efficiency of the system.

For the electrical system as a whole, the promotion of self-consumption contributes to the more efficient management of demand and the reduction of the need for investments in energy generation and distribution infrastructure. The decentralization of generation also improves the resilience of the system to extreme weather events or interruptions in the conventional network.

At SUNNERS they are convinced that an important part of the solution in Spain is to take advantage of the most abundant, democratic, constant, clean and cheap resource we have, which is the sun. In this way, they are experts in the design and installation of photovoltaic plants tailored to the needs of each consumer, as well as comprehensive energy management. It is not only about producing energy, but also about consuming it in a more reasonable and efficient way.

They also offer a different marketing of electricity, fundamentally taking into account the individualized consumption profile of customers to offer them the best bill in the world.

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