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COMMUNICATION: Building healthy relationships in the era of liquid love; the goal of the Mia Program for the well-being of women

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COMMUNICATION: Building healthy relationships in the era of liquid love; the goal of the Mia Program for the well-being of women

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​January 22, 2024.- In today's modern world, individualism and autonomy are two constant elements for women. According to psychology specialists, most women are in search of a continuous balance between personal strength and feminine essence, which generates pressure to be self-sufficient and leave aside essential aspects of women such as their tender, intuitive part. and emotional.

All of this directly influences her self-esteem and the construction of healthy bonds between women and their environment. In this context, the Mia Program emerges as a guide for building healthy relationships and emotional well-being in women. This is a project made up of psychologists focused on offering accompaniment and support to women to challenge the myths of female empowerment, betting on the essence of each one.

As a brand specialized in relationships, emotional bonds and attachment wounds, the Mia Program has distinguished itself for its innovative approach aimed at promoting the reconciliation of women with their primary essence, encouraging them to accept their biology and make peace with their bonding needs.

According to the team of registered clinical psychologists they have, a large percentage of the women interested in their therapy are successful, independent and apparently self-sufficient; however, through deep psychological work, a void is identified in these women, related to the need to love and be loved, aspects that, in some way, they have learned to ignore.

From the perspective of psychologists, knowing how to be well alone is not enough to maintain a high level of self-esteem in women; on the contrary, this thought can lead to the annihilation of the feminine essence and the isolation of all types of deep ties through fear of intimacy.

In that sense, the Mia Program seeks to overcome these fears to give way to more authentic relationships, helping each woman to build a life away from control and demands, to give way to calm, trust and fluidity.

Through its own validated psychotherapeutic method that more than 3,000 women have already gone through, the Mia Program has focused on offering women the theoretical and practical tools necessary to build coherent relationships with themselves and their environment. This therapeutic process consists of a game of projections in which dynamics are proposed to encourage women to become aware of their hidden emotions, blockages and fears.

Through the identification of what represents a shield in their lives, the therapy participants in the Mia Program have the opportunity to let go of this negative element and let the parts of themselves emerge that they do not allow themselves to express either in their life or in their relationships. This process contributes to reducing anxiety when creating bonds, knowing how to be well both alone and as a couple, gaining security, self-esteem and flow, essential aspects in the life of every woman.


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