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Coming from Ukraine to lose everything: "We went down for 20 minutes and when we came back everything was on fire"


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Coming from Ukraine to lose everything: "We went down for 20 minutes and when we came back everything was on fire"


"We went down to the Post Office for 20 minutes and when we came back we tried to save our dog, but everything was already on fire." This is how Lisa, a Ukrainian woman, narrates the "horrible" situation that she had to live yesterday after arriving from that country at war a few months ago to "lose everything here" in the fire of the Campanar building, in Valencia.

This is the testimony of one of those affected by the fire who went this morning to the point that the Valencia City Council has enabled to begin the first procedures in the Tabacalera building. "They try to help us, but nothing is going to give me my dog ​​back," she lamented.

The affected person, along with her roommate, who prefers not to give her name, have criticized what they considered serious "negligence" in the construction of the building and have urged that "explanations" be given.

Another resident of the building, Tomas Radavicius, lamented that his apartment on the fifth floor burned completely in a matter of minutes. The young man, who was outside the building when the fire occurred, lived with his wife, who was able to leave the building on her own.

Yury experienced a similar situation, returning from a work trip when his wife called him to tell him there was a fire. Thinking that it would be something quick and that she could return home, the woman decided to take the passports and leave the building, but in the end the house was completely destroyed by the fire.

Around twenty people came to the complex throughout the morning, including victims, owners and people who came to ask how they could help.

One of them is Javier Galera, owner of one of the burned apartments. He explained that the tenant of the property, who was able to escape on his own, sent him a photo of the fire shortly after reporting it and a few minutes later sent him one again in which the charred floor was already visible. "It's completely surreal," he said.

Galera has been told that the bureaucratic process "will take a long time": "Many insurance companies have to come to an agreement, the one for the house and the one for the property," he explained, and pointed out that they are still talking between administrations.

All those affected have explained that at the point they are offering them basic information and psychological care, and asking for their data to begin the process.

Vicente López, a taxi driver to whom a client has left some blankets and some clothes and shoes for those affected, and Violeta Ferrer, a young woman who has come to ask how she could raise funds for those affected, have also come to the place.