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China bans microchips from US company Micron over national security risks

MADRID, 22 May.

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China bans microchips from US company Micron over national security risks


The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the technology regulator of the Asian giant, has vetoed the purchase of products manufactured by the American company Micron Technology, considering that they may represent a national security risk for the country, thus escalating tensions between the two superpowers.

After the network security review that Micron's products were subjected to, the Chinese regulator has concluded that they "present relatively serious potential network security problems", which poses a significant security risk to the chain. of China's key information infrastructure supply "and affects national security."

For this reason, it has determined that the network security review should not be passed, and according to the network security legislation and other laws and regulations, "critical information infrastructure operators in China must stop purchasing Micron products.

In a statement, the Administration has argued that the purpose of the network security review that Micron products have undergone is to prevent product security issues from jeopardizing the security of key information infrastructure for China.

In this sense, he has affirmed that the country promotes opening up to the exterior and, as long as Chinese laws and regulations are complied with, companies from all countries will be able to enter the Chinese market.

For its part, a Micron spokesperson told the BBC that the company had "received the CAC's notice following the review of products sold in China," noting that the company is evaluating the conclusion and its next steps. "We look forward to continuing talks with the Chinese authorities," he added.

The US government also said it would work with allies to address what it called "distortions in the memory chip market caused by China's actions."

"We strongly oppose restrictions that have no basis in fact," said a spokesman for the US Department of Commerce. for whom this decision is inconsistent with China's claims that it is opening its markets and is committed to a framework transparent regulation.