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Cádiz contests the match against Elche

MADRID, 17 Ene.

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Cádiz contests the match against Elche


Cádiz confirmed this Tuesday that it has challenged the match against Elche before the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) as a result of "an unfortunate and negligent performance" by the refereeing team and asks to resume it from minute 81, with 1-0 to his favor and with Ezequiel Ponce's goal annulled.

"Today, the legal services of Cádiz CF have presented before the competent federative instances, a brief challenging the match against Elche CF, by virtue of which the nullity of the well-deserved match is requested and its resumption from minute 81 of the same, moment in which the arbitration group validated the goal scored by Ezequiel Ponce, despite being preceded by a resounding and flagrant offside, not susceptible to interpretation, as the images of the match show", indicated the Andalusian team in a statement.

Cádiz has decided to take this step "given the seriousness of the events that occurred" during the match, which ended 1-1, but with the error from the VOR room by not detecting the illegal position at the start of the equalizer play. Elche striker, which he considers "an unfortunate and negligent action by the arbitration team, specifically the referees of the VOR Room" and for which "he was seriously harmed".

"This request is based on what, in the opinion of this entity, cannot be characterized as a mere human error, but rather as a serious and manifest technical arbitration error, motivated by the negligent and non-excusable action of the arbitrators of the VOR Room designated by the RFEF who, in the opinion of this entity, not only failed to comply with the applicable Laws of the Game, but also disregarded the current regulations regarding the principles and procedures regulated in the VAR Protocol," he added.

Cádiz points out that "from the very images of the match, and even from the acts that have taken place since then, some coming from groups dependent on the RFEF itself, there is no doubt that the refereeing team made a manifest material error, serious , inexcusable and not justifiable, from which irreparable damage is derived for Cádiz".

It must be remembered that the RFEF issued a statement on Tuesday requesting LaLiga to establish the semi-automatic offside as it was done in the last Spanish Super Cup because it avoids "any type of failure" through the activation of a series of alerts that turns the tool in "infallible". In addition, he removed Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva from the VOR Room of the Copa del Rey clash between Levante and Atlético de Madrid, precisely the VAR referee at Nuevo Mirandilla.

The Cadista team asks for "respect" for the club, "its history, its fans and workers, as well as the players and coaches themselves, who with effort and dedication fight to achieve a common sporting objective, despite the obstacles that are presented to them -already, with some frequency-" and makes it clear that "he will not remain immobile in the face of the sporting injustice that occurred" against Elche.

"Quite the contrary, if it is necessary at the end of the season, based on the sporting and economic damages that may be inferred from the final classification of Cádiz, this entity will assess the exercise of as many legal actions that assist it in Law, including the action of patrimonial responsibility before the persons, physical or legal, that in last instance must answer for the damages and losses caused", it sentenced.