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Carlos Sainz and Marc Márquez bet on winning their World Cups in 2023


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Carlos Sainz and Marc Márquez bet on winning their World Cups in 2023


Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and MotoGP driver Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda Team) are confident that they will be able to win the respective 2023 World Cups and that they will take advantage of their moments of leisure and joint training sessions in Madrid to go one step further and, in the event of de Cervera, achieve his ninth World Cup and, in that of Madrid, the first.

"My last race is before Carlos's last, so I will win the 2023 World Cup first," Marc Márquez said with a laugh in an interview with Europa Press to the two drivers at the same time, together in MEGA (Estrella Galicia Museum). in A Coruña. "Then you come to celebrate with me," replied the Ferrari.

The Madrid driver assured that they are both working to win the F1 and MotoGP championships in 2023. "I hope so, it is what we both work for and what we train for, so we go to sleep thinking about it. We are athletes elite, at the peak of our careers, and we want victory like no one else. We'll try for sure," Sainz argued.

"In preseason, when I test the bike and Carlos tests the car, that's where you understand what you can opt for and you have to be realistic. By 2023 I ask him not to have injuries. And now, the other thing will come" , predicted Márquez, in this sense.

And it is that both are pilots hungry for titles and successes and, given that Carlos Sainz visits Madrid whenever he can (he lives in Italy) and Marc Márquez now lives in the Spanish capital (along with his brother and also MotoGP rider Álex Márquez) , they try to coincide and spend time together, both being ambassadors of Estrella Galicia 0,0.

"I live in Italy but when I come here on a weekend, there is a 'little call' to Marc. And if it's time, we'll see a football match. karts", said Sainz, who will not give Márquez an advantage on the track because he sees him as "very strong".

"The sporty, healthy environment is good. If I can go running with Marc, or go to the kart and beat him up a bit so that he gets itchy and tired more, it helps the physique and the mind," Sainz acknowledged. "Whenever we can, we try to coincide. Some 'dinner' falls. It's good to surround yourself with a sports atmosphere," added Márquez.

They are two competitive beasts, but each in their own sport. But, since they like fiction, we try to get them to put themselves in each other's shoes and figure out who would be better. "Changing from Formula 1 to motorcycles... It's such a different style, such a different technique, that if you don't learn it as a child it's very difficult to even become competitive, to reach a decent level," Sainz acknowledged.

"I tried a motorcycle in Jarama, it was not MotoGP but almost. When I was little I did motocross and enduro, I liked it a lot but to reach a decent level I was missing a lot," he asserted in this regard.

Something with which Marc Márquez, who was able to test a Formula 1 in his day, agrees. "For a motorcycle driver, it is easier for four wheels to lead to acceptable times. But then, in Formula 1, drop half a second It costs more than on motorcycles," he acknowledged, however.

As it is difficult to speak well of oneself, as well as to get a grade, we asked them what they stand out from each other and to rate the 2022 World Cup. "Carlos is calm and determined. Surely his father has helped him a lot. He has things clear, He knows what he wants to achieve and how he has to achieve it. Weak point? I don't take any out of him because I appreciate it, the rivals have to take it out of him", commented Márquez.

"We are talking about Marc, six times MotoGP champion and eight times world champion. Everything is flattery. I like his spectacularity, his work on the track, his desire to win and his hunger. I look at it, I try relatively way to copy and that serves as inspiration. I have always admired Marc a lot", Sainz acknowledged about the man from Cervera.

And, note-wise, they looked great on each other. "Notes I never put, I don't fall into that trap," Sainz acknowledged. "But from Marc, after the injury, he was at a level that I honestly did not expect. Seeing him at that level, with such great desire, it shows that they were 'fair' on the motorcycle... If there is a Honda again, there will be Marc", predicted the Ferrari driver.

Marc, for his part, believes that 2023 will give Sainz the luck he deserves to win. "Carlos has done a 'chapeau' second part of the season. He has had seven '0' this year and even so he has not dropped much in the World Cup. And of those '0' many were not his fault and many things influence such as the pit stops. But, in the end, you always have to get the most out of it and look for that luck. If you continue with the same dynamics as in the second part of last year, this season you will get that luck," he said.