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Camila Parker wins today the role that she began to forge more than 50 years ago in the shadows

   MADRID, 6 May.

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Camila Parker wins today the role that she began to forge more than 50 years ago in the shadows

   MADRID, 6 May. (CHANCE) -

The coronation of King Charles III of England has given much to talk about throughout this year and especially in recent weeks, but the truth is that there is another name that has resonated strongly in the media due to the importance it also has in today: Camila Parker. The woman who has always been by the now king's side will officially be 'queen consort', a dream that she never believed could come true, but has hers been a bet of love or ambition?

The relationship between Camila and Carlos has existed for more than 50 years: first as an impossible love and later as the victorious relationship over all the impediments they had throughout their lives. In 1973 she married Andrew Parker-Bowles despite her feelings for the prince and advised him to find the perfect woman to build the marriage they could never have (so they thought at the time).

In 1981, despite his obvious attraction to Camila, Prince Charles and Diana of Wales starred in the most international 'Yes, I want' in history. She was the perfect person for a man who had already made controversial headlines and who was looking to settle his head, but above all his image as a future heir.

Lady Di saw it from the first moment, in fact, the very day that she swore eternal love to her husband, she felt uncomfortable in Camila's presence at the ceremony, something that was not expected, but that destroyed the much-remembered icon. .and since then, nothing was the same. She knew it, from the beginning and until the end, she was aware of the clandestine relationship that her husband had with her, and in fact, she came to call it one of the main factors why her relationship failed.

In 1992, what was an open secret occurred: the announcement of the separation of Prince Charles and Diana of Wales, a fact that shocked all citizens, but which caused the future heir to be totally rejected. People positioned themselves in favor of the "People's Princess" and the suffering that she had undergone throughout her marriage due to the lies and "ugly public acts" that she had endured from her husband.

What happens next we already know by heart: in 1995 it is the Parker-Bowles who get divorced and two years later there is a fateful traffic accident in which the much-loved Lady Di died. Of course, it was not until 1999 when Prince Charles and Camila were seen together for the first time after her divorce: on her sister's birthday.

For many, love triumphed, others never bought that the woman who had made Diana of Wales suffer the most ended up with Prince Charles and the rejection is palpable even today. In fact, with the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England last September, we saw how the name of Lady Di was used to remember the relationship between the two and the differences between the two funerals.

Camila managed to marry the man of her life in 2005, it was then that she received the title of Duchess of Cornwall... from then on she has accompanied her husband to all his appointments on his official agenda, gaining prominence and getting him little by little. Little by little all those fans of the British Crown make a place for him in his heart.