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Calviño makes it clear to Díaz that the unemployment benefit reform is the responsibility of several ministries

MADRID, 15 Dic.

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Calviño makes it clear to Díaz that the unemployment benefit reform is the responsibility of several ministries


The first vice president of the Government and Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Support, Nadia Calviño, made it clear this Friday that the unemployment benefit reform "is not a question" of the Ministries of Economy or Labor, but rather "affects very directly to Social Security and the Treasury".

"Therefore, we have to coordinate the different points of view so that it is the best possible reform and to me that seems normal," said the vice president when asked about the clash between her Department and the Ministry of Labor of Yolanda Díaz on account of this reform.

In statements to Antena 3 reported by Europa Press, Calviño stressed that this subsidy reform culminates the labor reforms implemented in the previous legislature and is confident that an agreement on it can be reached as soon as possible.

"We are still working on that and I hope that we reach an agreement and that it can be adopted as soon as possible," he said in this regard.


The minister and future president of the European Investment Bank (EIB) has been optimistic regarding the approval in the Cortes Generales of the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2024, which is expected for the first quarter of the year.

"The complexity that we have in the Parliament in Spain exists in many other European countries, but this has been a constant since we came to government, in this last legislature," said the vice president.

He recalled that the Government had to agree in the last legislature with many political groups and still managed to carry out two hundred "very important reforms for the country", from labor reform, pensions, science, education, vocational training, telecommunications or audiovisual , among other.

"There is an experience that allows us to be optimistic. We will continue reaching agreements in Parliament, dialoguing, listening, looking for that meeting point, and I am convinced that we will be able to move the Budgets forward," she remarked.

This despite her imminent departure from the Executive, after her election as the next president of the EIB, the "financial arm" of the European Union, as she herself describes it. Regarding her successor as the economic head of the Spanish Government, Calviño wanted to say nothing more than what President Pedro Sánchez said.


However, he has sent a message of calm, because President Sánchez "has a group of experts and professionals around him who can perfectly fill any position in the Council of Ministers.

What worries her, as she has confessed, is that the Popular Party does not have anyone in the economic field who can be an interlocutor with the Government, which represents "a lack", according to the vice president.

"Juan Bravo doesn't ask me, and in the Senate a different person asks me every time. I've been like this for five and a half years. That is to say, I do see a lack and a lack of dialogue and a lack of an alternative program." , said Calviño.

But in the case of the next Minister of Economy, Calviño has been "sure" that he will be a magnificent person and that he will continue the economic policy that Pedro Sánchez's Executive has followed these years, because "it is successful, it works and we must continue along the same lines."

"I leave with a positive feeling of pride and a job well done and, of course, I will always continue to support whoever has this responsibility for economic policy because it is fundamental," he concluded.