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Borrell defends that the international community uses its influence to promote two States if Israel opposes


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Borrell defends that the international community uses its influence to promote two States if Israel opposes


The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has defended that the international community has the "moral obligation" to seek a way out of the crisis in the Middle East, ensuring that if Israel opposes the two-state solution there is "elements and conditions" to put pressure on the Jewish State.

"The first thing to do is propose a solution and to propose it you have to have it. We are going to go step by step," said the head of European diplomacy in statements after the meeting of EU foreign ministers that held a round of contacts with his counterparts from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Israel on the war in Gaza.

Borrell has acknowledged that without Israel's participation it is difficult to advance a peace plan in the Middle East and the two-state solution, although he has said that this "should not prevent others from doing it on their own." "If the international community comes to a solution, it will have to propose it and if the proposal is not agreed upon, there is influence and conditions," he noted.

Regarding the international efforts of the United States or the Arab countries, the High Representative has stressed that the international community "is moving forward gropingly" and the process "will be long" to take steps in the construction of two States. "We have to put some order in order to reach something concrete and operational, that has enough support to fly," he said.

When the three months of the Israeli offensive and the 25,200 victims in the Strip have passed, the EU Foreign Minister has presented a document to the Twenty-Seven for a peace plan in the Middle East, which includes an international conference to relaunch the peace solution. two states.

In any case, the Israeli leaders have been rejecting the creation of the Palestinian State as was confirmed this Monday in Brussels, an occasion in which Minister Israel Katz has avoided talking about the crisis in Gaza and the future of the Strip, focusing his intervention on several infrastructure projects such as an artificial island that will provide Gaza with essential services such as drinking water desalination facilities and a power plant, have been confirmed by several diplomatic sources who have called Katz's intervention "surreal."

Borrell has made this fact ugly, assuring the Israeli Foreign Minister "could have made better use of his time" and "worried about security in his country and the high number of deaths in Gaza" and making clear the disagreements with the Government of Israel, who has said that he has been opposing the two-state solution for 30 years.