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Belarra believes that the motion of no confidence is a "good opportunity" for the PSOE to "look to the left"

MADRID, 19 Mar.

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Belarra believes that the motion of no confidence is a "good opportunity" for the PSOE to "look to the left"


The leader of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has defended this Sunday that the motion of censure presented by Vox, which will be debated this Tuesday and Wednesday in Congress, is a "good opportunity" for the PSOE to "look towards the left".

This was stated by Belarra in statements to the media upon his arrival at the presentation of the documentary 'Help Ukraine', in Madrid, where he regretted that in recent weeks the PSOE "has not stopped looking to the right with the approval reform of the 'only yes is yes' law, the non-repeal of the gag law or the exclusion of hunting dogs in the animal welfare law".

Given this, Belarra has stressed that the "fake" motion of Vox, "doomed to failure", is "a good opportunity for the Government to demonstrate, not only with beautiful speeches, who are the ones who really care about the problems of the people", all this "in the face of a self-absorbed ultra-right that does not care about anything that is really important".

"We think that it is an opportunity for the PSOE to look to the left again, to look again at the majority of the investiture, which is what has allowed us to achieve those advances that they are now showing off in the campaign," he added. , to point to the rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI), the labor reform or the pension reform.

For Belarra, the "good opportunity" to "look to the left in this vote of no confidence has to be translated into demonstrating that the government does not bow down to the powerful."

"Who does not bow down to Mr. (the former socialist minister and president of the Association of Rental Home Owners) Joan Clos approving a Housing Law for once (...), who does not bow down to powerful people like Mr. (President of Mercadona) Joan Roig, limiting that shopping basket once and for all", he added, to insist that he hopes that the PSOE "take advantage" of this opportunity.

On the other hand, she has reiterated her request that women be the ones to intervene on behalf of the Government and parliamentary groups in the debate on the motion of censure because "if something is the far-right party Vox, it is machismo." "Precisely for this reason, women can well represent what feminism represents in the streets," she has sentenced.