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Ayuso defends that Feijóo has not changed his speech on amnesty and emphasizes: "With Junts not even around the corner"

MADRID, 12 Feb.

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Ayuso defends that Feijóo has not changed his speech on amnesty and emphasizes: "With Junts not even around the corner"


The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, defended this Monday the national leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, by emphasizing that he has always said exactly the same thing about the amnesty and has reproached the PSOE and Vox for "going hand in hand." "against the 'popular', while defending that with Junts he would not go "not even around the corner."

"I have heard Feijóo say exactly the same thing: no to pardons, no to amnesty, yes to the defense of the judiciary, yes to continuing to investigate Putin's possible connections with the Catalan independence movement," indicated the regional president in statements to 'Telecinco' collected by Europa Press.

All this in light of the information collected by various media outlets that, according to PP sources, Feijóo would be open to a pardon for Puigdemont conditional on him being tried and rejecting the unilateral route. According to the same sources, the party would have studied the fit of a possible amnesty during the negotiations for Feijóo's investiture, although it would have been ruled out in "24 hours."

Feijóo tried this Sunday to settle the open crisis over the possible pardon for Puigdemont through statements to the media in Ferrol. "I'm going to be forceful enough: I have said no, I said no and I continue to say no to any amnesty."

In this sense, the head of the regional Executive has stressed that Vox and the PSOE "are grasping at straws", especially in the final stretch of the campaign where they are left out of everything, in the face of a Feijóo who has said "nothing different" and defends that "the conditions" for a pardon are not met.

Thus, he has criticized the fact that the "synchronized opinion team of Moncloa" tries to "turn this situation around" to "stay in power." "The difference is that right now it is not a shell game that is playing your game, it is that there are 22 ministers, plus the Government delegates, plus Púmpido, plus the State Attorney saying "where is the ball" and "when you If you put your hands in your pockets, neither your shoes, nor your wallet, nor your cell phone fit," he said.

Along these lines, he stressed that the PP "has not spoken of any type of pardon" and that "there must be circumstances that are not occurring." In line, he has stressed that "a chicken is being set up" to weaken the PP, "remotely directed" from Moncloa.

"I think the president of the PP has been very clear at all times; he would not even be able to claim an amnesty or pardons for people who have committed these serious crimes, nor could his government ever depend on the votes of someone who has attacked freedom, prosperity, coexistence and everything we have seen in Catalonia," he stressed.

Thus, Ayuso has defended that with Junts "not even around the corner." "I have understood in some cases throughout history some pardons that have been granted, but to people who also openly attack Spain with everyone's money, everyone's desire, no water, no water. This is true to nip it in the bud now," emphasized Ayuso, who has stressed that the PP has a lot at stake in Galicia.