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Ayuso accuses Bolaños of "provoking" and going to "bust" Sol's act: "He demands that we have to surrender"

He stresses that "every house has its rules" and rejects that the Government tries to "subdue everything".

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Ayuso accuses Bolaños of "provoking" and going to "bust" Sol's act: "He demands that we have to surrender"

He stresses that "every house has its rules" and rejects that the Government tries to "subdue everything"

The president of the Community and candidate of the PP for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has maintained that the Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Félix Bolaños, attended the act of Dos de Mayo de Sol to "provoke" and try in every way to "bust" this event.

"It demands that we have to surrender and not even be heard, and not attend to the protocol or the invitations that we consider," he said in an interview on 'Cadena Ser', collected by Europa Press, where he denied that the Government tries to "subjugate everything".

Ayuso has defended that no one has to "force" anyone to abide by where the sites should be placed. "It is not a day for ministers, it is a day for the regional government," he remarked, while maintaining that Bolaños was not invited but rather came "as a companion" to Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

In this sense, he explained that Robles asked to "go" while Bolaños addressed the Community of Madrid Protocol "taking it for granted" that he was going to "preside over the event" but the regional government explained that he was not "even invited ". This question is precisely the justification that the president has given for not applying Royal Decree 2099/83 on the general order of precedence in Spain.


"Each house has its rules and, above all, it is that we are accepting as normal that the presence of a minister is mandatory because the Government decides so," he indicated. At this point, he has warned that the autonomies are "counterweights" and "not everything is the Government, and not everything is (Pedro) Sánchez".

He considers that if Bolaños knew that he was not invited but even so he warned that he was planning to present himself and that he was going to preside, he went to "provoke." For the head of the Madrid Executive, what she "was looking for" in all ways was "to blow up this event and create a bad atmosphere" so that there was no talk of a "magnificent day" such as May 2.

Despite this, the also president of the PP in Madrid has defended that everyone was also "welcome" and that, for example, the PSOE candidate for City Council, Reyes Maroto, "did not confirm" but "she presented herself and had her chair", like "many socialist deputies".


Regarding the fact that the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, was in the rostrum of authorities, where the minister was not allowed to go up, Ayuso has maintained that she invited him and has emphasized that the Government was already represented with Robles. Thus, he has stressed that there was "a person representing each institution."

"We kindly told Mr. Bolaños, that he was not invited, and then it was, in my opinion, as a provocation," he reiterated below. For Ayuso, being a minister and presenting himself, he must go in the front row at the institution act, but he has rejected that he go "to more".

"It is as if right now I decide that the Government of the Community of Madrid, because we feel like it, presents itself at an act of the Móstoles City Council and decide how it should be because we are the Government of the Community of Madrid (... ) Perhaps we have not been invited at that time. When you go to a house and are invited, you listen to the house", the regional leader stated.

On whether it is the Community of Madrid that has caused what happened, the Madrid leader has stated that they have been preparing the event for many months "with exceptional affection" so she did not want it to be "tarnished by this story" like this as he has defended that he does not "lack something of this" from the electoral point of view.