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ANNOUNCEMENT: Batucada, SolRe Percussió's original idea for team building

(Barcelona, ​​September 19, 2023.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Batucada, SolRe Percussió's original idea for team building

(Barcelona, ​​September 19, 2023.-) Team building, known in Spanish as promoting teamwork, is a concept increasingly applied in the business environment. It consists of carrying out activities that improve performance and relationships between the people who make up a work group.

Promoting teamwork can take on multiple natures. For this reason, particular solutions have emerged such as batucada team building. Sessions of this type are offered by companies specialized in related services such as SolRe Percussió.

This is a group class focused on percussion and batucada, a type of music of Afro-Brazilian origin. Through dynamic and enjoyable sessions, participants (in groups of between 6 and up to 500 people) learn to play different percussion instruments, seeking to make the ensemble form a musical piece. In this sense, the entire group has the same level of importance, regardless of their role or hierarchy in the company, which facilitates communication and strengthens interpersonal relationships.

The company that offers the organization of the batucada team building usually provides the percussion instruments and travels to the chosen location, which is recommended to be different from the company's work area (either outdoors or a closed space with sufficient capacity). . In this way, people can concentrate better on the batucada, clearing their minds of worries and work responsibilities.

This activity allows participants to acquire certain skills that will be useful in the business environment. Some of them are coordination, communication and collaboration, since it is necessary for all the components to collaborate and listen to the rest to make the composition sound good. Even so, batucada team building is also known for improving personal self-esteem, since each participant will have a role that will make them feel important and necessary. Furthermore, as it is an event proposed by the company, it becomes an opportunity to foster a sense of belonging to the organization.

Regarding teamwork, these types of sessions help to understand the importance of collective participation to achieve objectives, since it is a dynamic that breaks the ice and improves trust between people.

Team building continues to consolidate itself as an efficient tool to strengthen group cooperation within companies. The variant focused on the batucada seeks to take advantage of an aspect as unifying as music to connect employees.

To access the aforementioned benefits, companies can count on specialist companies such as SolRe Percussió. This company made up of workers of different nationalities has acquired a leading role in the sector by also carrying out school batucada workshops, extracurricular percussion workshops, managing batucada groups and organizing percussive events among other services. FCB, Catalana Oeste, McDonald's, Cruz Roja, El Corte Inglés, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week are some of the brands that have recently used the services of SolRe Percussió.


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