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An independent laboratory endorses the "large amount" of active probiotics in Víver Kombucha's kombucha

   ATARFE (GRANADA), 20 Nov.

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An independent laboratory endorses the "large amount" of active probiotics in Víver Kombucha's kombucha


The independent laboratory Microal, certified by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC), has carried out an analysis of the composition of the kombucha from the Andalusian Víver Kombucha, highlighting the large amount of probiotics and beneficial health microorganisms that the healthy drink has. Experts have highlighted that this high amount of probiotics "improves digestion, provides energy naturally and generates physical and mental well-being."

In this sense, researcher José Antonio Barroso has pointed out that "currently, there is a certain tendency to increase the consumption of live foods with active probiotics", although he has clarified that "we have not yet managed to recover the level of consumption that ancestrally humans have been maintaining previously fermented foods throughout our history.

Thus, the expert indicated that "we know that stressful situations have a negative impact on the composition and health of the intestinal microbiota and it is also evident that the Western way of life tends to create stressful living environments" and added that , "therefore, anything that helps restore and maintain a healthy balance in the intestinal microbiota will be essential for proper digestion, nutrient absorption and regulation of the immune system."

In this sense, Barroso has pointed out that "kombucha is a drink that has gained popularity in recent years due to its possible health benefits", since the traditional fermentation systems by which it is characterized "give rise to a surprising diversity of beneficial microorganisms.

After carrying out an analysis of the kombucha from the Granada brand Víver Kombucha, the expert pointed out that "the Víver samples not only presented a large number of active microorganisms, but also had great complexity." The Granada brand has a careful fermentation process that results in a low-sugar drink, which in turn has a high amount of probiotics that contribute to improving intestinal health and bloating.

Regarding the amount and variety of probiotics that kombucha has compared to other foods, the expert has stressed that "the amount of active probiotics in fermented foods, as well as their variety, depend in part on the type of food that is used." offers", although he has clarified that, "to a greater extent, it will be each production process and the care taken in it, which will allow it to reach the consumer to a greater or lesser extent."

In terms of quantity and variety of probiotics, the national benchmark brand in the healthy soft drinks sector, Víver Kombucha, concludes that "just one 330 milliliter bottle of Víver contains more than 900 million probiotics from about 20 different varieties" . Along these lines and after historically analyzing the impact on people of diets rich in living elements, Barroso has pointed out that "it seems evident that frequent intake of the greatest variety of probiotics possible has been and will be beneficial for our health in general."

For her part, nutritionist and dietitian Bianca Borszewski explained that microbial diversity is "directly proportional to digestive health." By way of comparison, she explained that the intestine "is similar to a jungle", where "each animal feeds on a different food."

In this way, if a "very limited" nutrition is maintained, in which "coconut and banana are constantly ingested, for example, only the jungle animals that eat coconut and banana will grow", while "the rest will grow". to die, giving rise to imbalances in the intestinal microbiota", which can translate into digestive discomforts such as bloating, gas, discomfort when going to the bathroom, among others.

However, the expert has pointed out that, if a "varied and balanced" diet is maintained and the consumption of this kombucha is also added, "which has a lot of new animals (live microorganisms)", it is achieved that "continuously in my jungle or my microbiota, new species are entering that will provide benefits to the ecosystem.

Likewise, he added that, from the point of view of nutrition, "it is great that just with a 330 milliliter drink, which is also delicious, refreshing and we can include it in our leisure, we can ingest such a quantity of live microorganisms."

Viver Kombucha is the fruit of the dream of two Spanish entrepreneurs whose purpose was and continues to be to improve the quality of our diet and our lifestyle, to feel better, to be happier. With that goal, they returned from the United States in 2019 to their native Granada to create the most authentic kombucha on the Spanish market.

After four years of continuous improvement, investment and constant development in product, personnel and facilities, both entrepreneurs are today one of the great experts in the production of this drink in our country. This is why Viver Kombucha is the kombucha brand that has achieved the most market share in the last twelve months.

Today, this Andalusian brand, specifically from Atarfe (Granada), is present in more than 4,000 points of sale throughout the territory distributed in brands such as El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Aldi, Alcampo, Coviran, Coaliment, Masymas, Lupa , Novavenda, Eroski, Caprabo, Transgourmet Ibérica, Herbolarios Navarro, Grupo Upper, Todotodo Spar, Deza Calidad, Hiperber, Grupo Gadisa, BonÁrea and through the Horeca channel. Likewise, it occupies an exclusive space in NH Hotels, after being selected as a brand