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Almeida's debits and credits lead a debate with a combative Sotomayor, echoes of Carmena and a suspicious Villacís

The 'cayetanos', the escrache to the vice mayor or the "IBI of food", among the anecdotes.

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Almeida's debits and credits lead a debate with a combative Sotomayor, echoes of Carmena and a suspicious Villacís

The 'cayetanos', the escrache to the vice mayor or the "IBI of food", among the anecdotes


The debate between the six candidates for Mayor of Madrid held this Monday by Telemadrid has been characterized by revolving around the debit and credit of the current councilor and PP candidate, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, with a combative Roberto Sotomayor (Podemos) and vindictive, a vice mayor and CS candidate, Begoña Villacís, on alert, and echoes of the previous mandate led by Manuela Carmena.

Issues such as the 'mask case', Madrid 360, fiscal policy, bicimad or the air quality in the capital have been the issues that have caused the most confrontations between the candidates, with accusations of lying, mainly between the mayor and the leader of More Madrid, Rita Maestre, spokesperson for the Government of Ahora Madrid prior to Almeida's arrival at the Palacio de Cibeles.

"He may have ideas, no capacity" or "he has a story but no data", the PP candidate told the leader of Más Madrid, who has claimed his experience in Cibeles during the Manuela Carmena term and who has charged against a councilor who "has not done anything" and whom he has branded as "the mayor of cement" or "the one with the balls out".

A surgical mask has starred in the first of Sotomayor's many moments in front of the camera. In the first block of the debate, on taxation, the Podemos-IU-Alianza Verde candidate recalled the fraud against the City Council allegedly committed by commission agents Medina and Luceño in the 'mask case'.

The former athlete has removed a mask with which he has reproached "for giving public money that they gave to 'cayetanos' to spend it on Rolex and Ferrari". "It is the 6 million public money that was given to 'cayetanos' to buy Rolexes, luxury cars, Ferraris... while the neighborhoods are precarious," Sotomayor launched, who reproached the councilor for the "great inequality" in the capital .

In addition, he has accused the PP of "using" the Municipal Housing and Land Company (EMVS) to "spy" on the regional president and PP candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and in response to this he has promised that the 'purple ' will build "a public housing park".

Another of the anecdotes carried out by Roberto Sotomayor has been to show a photo of the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, who he has said is currently "the true mayor" of the city. From "butler" he has qualified Martínez-Almeida at this point. He has also had words for the Vox candidate, Javier Ortega Smith, whom he has reminded that "this is not Torrente."

Begoña Villacís has vindicated the work of those areas of CS whose councilors have stayed by her side, that is, the area of ​​Economy, Urban Development and Participation. The vice mayor has assumed this Monday the tax cuts carried out in the capital during this term (2019-2023) because "the economic area is carried out by CS." She has also been "very proud" of the Urban Development area, which has "unblocked the developments in the southeast."

In addition, he recalled, poster in hand, that the Podemos candidate for the regional Presidency, Alejandra Jacinto, participated in an escrache of which she was the victim and feared for her integrity, more than eight months pregnant.

"This violent woman made me an escrache four years ago when I was more than eight months pregnant. And I am not going to forget it in my life. In addition, I have been waiting for four years to meet someone from Podemos because I think you are late to apologize ", he snapped, pointing to the poster.

The 'entente cordiale' between mayor and deputy mayor has been maintained until the end of the debate, when the councilor has reminded the CS candidate that if she has enjoyed an "official car" and "office" these four years it has been thanks to the " votes of Vox" to be appointed vice mayor.

"Don't be childish", Martínez-Almeida asked Maestre when they were debating green Madrid and the policy of trees. He described Sotomayor's intervention as "antics" when he reminded him of the 'Masks case', the alleged scam by Medina and Luceño to the Consistory for the sale of sanitary material.

It has been in this same block in which Madrid Central has taken over most of the time. Everyone has reminded the current mayor of his promise to put an end to this measure when he ran for the 2019 elections. Especially belligerent with this issue has been the Vox candidate, Javier Ortega Smith, who has taken out the poster of the promise, as well as the investiture agreement signed between them. He has been the one who has used the most posters in the debate.

The Vox candidate has focused a good part of his speech on claiming the formation as a "safe bet" compared to others that break their promises, after which he has stressed that what they promised in 2019 they have "fought during these four years " and what they now promise they will "fulfill", remembering the Villa Agreements.

Security, the central axis of his electoral campaign, or Central Madrid, arriving at the debate aboard a van to denounce that these vehicles are prevented from circulating through the center of the capital, have been his main demands.

The Salamanca neighborhood has been one of the most mentioned in the debate thanks to the candidate of Podemos-IU-Alianza Verde, Roberto Sotomayor, who has accused Almeida of governing "for the Cayetanos" and for the "neighbors of Velázquez street" . "And back", the vice mayor has been heard to say, who has recalled that Pablo Echenique belongs to this neighborhood.

The PSOE candidate, Reyes Maroto, has had a low profile and has used her management as Minister of Industry to boast of the work that the National Government has carried out in Madrid. "The management is supported by facts and the facts are that I have brought investments to this city; what I have not been able to bring is the management," she stressed.

Although, Maroto has starred in one of the great slip-ups in the debate when he has referred to the "IBI (Real Estate Tax) on food." Villacís, at this point, has snapped at Maroto that she "should have fought more for Madrid as a minister, such as in Cercanías." Villacís, at one point, has told her that "to be a candidate she has to study."

All the candidates have closed the debate with a turn in which they have asked for the vote. If Almeida has done it in a national tone, against 'sanchismo', Maestre has focused on the capital promising to start the mandate by the demolition of the scalextric of Puente de Vallecas. For his part, Maroto has promised a "trustworthy" mayoress, Villacís has appealed to "the brave", Ortega Smith has proposed to be the "voice" in Cibeles of those who get up to work