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83% of the documents requested by the Congressional mask commission refer to the PP and only 12% to 'Koldo'

Tax data from Feijóo's sister and Ayuso's boyfriend and brother and debt information from the president's mother are required.

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83% of the documents requested by the Congressional mask commission refer to the PP and only 12% to 'Koldo'

Tax data from Feijóo's sister and Ayuso's boyfriend and brother and debt information from the president's mother are required.


More than 80% of the documents that the Congressional investigation commission on emergency contracts will request refer to administrations governed by the PP, mainly the autonomous governments of Madrid, Andalusia and Galicia, and only 12% are related to the so-called 'Koldo case' that broke out in February after the arrest of Koldo García Izaguirre, who was an advisor to the then socialist minister José Luis Ábalos.

In total, the PSOE and its partners from Sumar, ERC, Junts, Bildu, PNV and Canary Coalition approved 369 documentation requests to different institutions. In addition to the central, regional, local or provincial governments, information is requested from the Court of Accounts and its equivalents, the Prosecutor's Office, the National Court, the Tax Agency and the Commercial Registry, among others.

The object of this parliamentary investigation promoted by the PSOE is "the contracting processes for the acquisition of medical supplies by the entire General Administration of the State and its different organizations", as well as those carried out in the different public Administrations.

But, as is the case with the 134 approved appearances, in the requests for information, matters relating to other administrations, mostly governed by the PP, have also taken precedence over those dealing with contracts signed by the General Administration of the State.

Thus, of the total of 369 petitions, only 45 (12%) are related to the 'Koldo case'. Of them, only five are sent to the central government or to entities dependent on it and none of them were on the initial list registered by the PSOE.

For example, at the request of Sumar, Congress has ended up requesting a copy of the contracts awarded to Management Solutions and Support for Companies by the Ministries of Transport and Interior, State Ports, Adif and the General Subdirectorate of Economic and Asset Management , as well as the report from the National Fraud Investigation Office, on the activities of Víctor de Aldama and Juan Carlos Cueto, and their connection with the company of the plot.

As the Government's minority partner wanted, the National Court is asked for the summary of the 'Koldo case' and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office is asked for its September 2022 report on the five contracts that the Ministry of Health awarded to the company FCS Select for a value of 268 millions of euros.

The other references to the plot of Ábalos' former advisor appear to be in the documentation requests made to institutions in the Balearic Islands (a total of 26, 7.04%) and the Canary Islands (13, 3.5%). In the case of the Balearic Islands, from the beginning the socialists opted to request the contracts signed by the Government of the now president of Congress, Francina Armengol, with the company of the plot and data on the actions of the Executive of Marga Prohens on the claim that was made to the company due to non-compliance by the other party.

However, in the case of the Canary Islands, the PSOE wanted to limit itself to requesting the financial control reports of the Canarian Health Service and data on the actions of the Court of Accounts, but in the end it ended up accepting the proposals of the Canary Coalition and the files of the contracts that the Executive of Ángel Víctor Torres awarded to 'Management Solutions'.

The rest of the documentation requested by the commission, according to data collected by Europa Press, has to do with cases registered in institutions governed by the PP and were already on the original list of the PSOE. Thus, there are 93 requests that affect the Community of Madrid (25% of the total); 84 to Andalusia (22.7%); 83 to Galicia (22.45%); 36 to the Madrid City Council; nine to Castilla y León (2.43%) and one to Murcia.

In addition to requesting numerous documentation on the contracts for the purchase of medical supplies from all these institutions, in the case of the Community of Madrid, the list includes various requests regarding the closest environment to its president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Thus, documentation is requested about the 'Avalmadrid' case - the debt of Ayuso's mother and her partners with this entity - and about the hiring by the CAM of companies linked to the president's brother, Tomás, to the mother of both, Isabel Ayuso, and Alberto González Amador, partner of the president.

Among many other things, Congress demands from the Tax Agency the personal income tax, VAT and corporate returns of Tomás Díaz Ayuso and González Amador, as well as the report in which two alleged crimes of tax fraud are attributed to the latter.

On the other hand, Congress also wants to know about the contracts that CAM has awarded since 2020 to Room Mate, owner of the aparthotel where Ayuso stayed during the pandemic, as well as the rental or transfer contracts of the company and its owner Enrique Sarasola with the president.

Certifications of real estate properties in which Ayuso, her brother and her boyfriend appear as owners are requested from the property registries. The Madrid president herself is asked for documentation on the economic, corporate relationships, loans, donations or situations of participation in real estate properties that she may maintain with her boyfriend or brother, and her partner is being asked for his rental contracts since 2018 and the that you have with Babia Capital S.L, owner of a penthouse in the building where the couple lives.

In addition, the commission has asked the PP for reports on the internal investigation carried out on the collection of commissions for the sale of medical supplies by Tomás Díaz Ayuso, which was ordered by the previous party leader, Pablo Casado.

The Madrid City Council will also receive 36 requests regarding data about the mask scam for which it is investigating commission agents Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, as well as about its agreement with the Funeral Services Company.

A large part of the 84 petitions related to Andalusia deal with the contracts, subsidies or aid granted by the Board to a dozen companies involved in the 'SAS briefcase case', an alleged scheme of bribes for the purchase of medical supplies that was archived for Justice and that splashed the then Councilor of the Presidency of the Board and now spokesperson of the PP in the investigation commission, Elías Bendodo.

Data is also requested on the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance, then in the hands of the economic head of the PP Juan Bravo, for the execution of 4,000 express public employment contracts in the pandemic, and all contracting files with the insurer Asisa where it ended. including the former Vice Minister of Health Miguel Ángel Guzmán.

Another package of requests aims to document the alleged irregularities in the contracts of the Provincial Council of Almería and the town council of Fines, in the same province.

The Xunta de Galicia is asked for all the files of its contracts with Eulen between 2008 and 2023. Micaela Núñez Feijóo, sister of the PP leader, is a director of that business group, from whom her personal income tax returns are requested since 2015. Also Contracts are being claimed, such as the Covid-19 case tracking service provided by Universal Support, a telemarketing company linked to Feijóo's brother-in-law.

Finally, it also requests documentation on alleged irregularities in the contracting of medical supplies in Castilla y León.